by Sarah Oliver, Osteopath

August bank holiday has been and gone, the Victoria line is running again and the kids are back at school.
The summer holidays are well and truly over and it’s time to get back to work.

This is a great time of year to review your work habits and set yourself up for a healthy Autumn.

Check you Desk set Up and prevent neck & Shoulder Pain

If you work at a computer you should start by checking your desk set up. Trust me, it makes a huge difference to your wellbeing.
1. Are your screen, keyboard and mouse directly in front of you? You shouldn’t need to turn your head or twist your shoulders to use your computer.

2. Is your screen at eye height? Looking down at your screen is no good for your neck. Use a box or special screen stand to move it to the right height.

3. Is your chair at the right height? With your arms bent your elbows should be level with your desk.

4. Are your feet resting on the floor? You’ll find it uncomfortable if your feet are swinging above the floor. Keep your chair at the height described above and get a foot rest, or make one from some reams of paper
or boxes.

5. Ask your employer for a workstation assessment. Not all employers offer ergonomic assessments for their staff but they do have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment – it is well worth asking for assistance.

Visit my website for more detailed instructions on setting up your desk.