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Sylwia Lekan, London Massage Therapist as seen in Vogue

Sylwia (ITEC Mass & A&P, MTI, APNT) qualified with a leading massage school in London – Quantum Metta. Over the years she has developed versatile massage skills which she uses to help clients with various problems as well as promoting relaxation and well being.

She continues to study in complementary field to add to her skills. She is a member of Complementary Therapists Association and Embody.

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Aggregate Review : All Reviews  4.9 out of 5 , 270 votes , 303 reviews

I have been having treatments with Sylwia Lekan for a few weeks now and the improvement to my body concerns are incredible. Each session takes me out of pain and improves the movement to my body. Sylwia massages are the best I've ever experienced. She seems to intuitively know the areas that require work. Sylwia is professional and friendly and really listens to your needs. I am so happy to have found her and will be a long term client for life. Highly recommended. My life is becoming pain free.

I recently had the best massage treatment from Sylwia. It was wonderfully relaxing and restorative. My muscles are no longer stiff and aching. You are a real star!

I was for the first time at a Silvia massage because many positive opinions. My tense muscles finally got relief. Sylwia is professional with great knowledge. A great massage that definitely will keep me coming back.

I have been coming to Ashlins infrequently over the years. I booked with Sylwia Lekan. The massage was just excellent, she got into areas that were causing my discomfort and I feel better already. I would highly recommend Sylwia and I will be back! 🙂

Came in today to see Sylwia after my son had recommended her. I had a fabulous treatment. I had a wonderful massage, during it I felt like everything was clearing away. At the end of the massage I felt like my body was healed and rested. I would most definitely recommend her.

I have been suffering from chronic tendonosis & tendinitis in both elbows aswell as hip pain from a twisted pelvis for some years now. I have seen different massage therapists and osteopaths over the last 2 years but I can honestly say after just one session with Sylwia Lekan, nobody as got as deep into my muscles as she did.
Sylwia is vey professional and proficient at her job and gave me the right amount of force and pressure in the places I needed it most.
Will definitely be seeing her again and would highly recommend her.
Thank you so much Sylwia!

Came into to see Sylwia today all I can say is that she is a genius, and thank you. I highly recommend Sylwia.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 20 years over the last few years I have been seeing Sylwia. She is very knowledgeable and professional, I see her every 6-8 weeks to help maintain a healthy muscle alignment, she is always a pleasure to visit.

Came in for Sports injury massage with Sylwia to help with suppling of the muscles. It was a very positive experience and will come back very soon.

I booked an appointment with Sylwia for deep tissue to help me de-stress and help with the aches in my shoulder. The treatment was excellent as always. Today I was so relaxed I put my shoes on before my jeans! Really good massage technique helps me relax and de-stress. I highly recommend her services.

I have been coming for six months to have a relaxing but deep tissue massage with Sylwia and it's always very good. I highly recommend.

Had a problem with my knee during winter '15. It slowly got worse as time went on, I thought I had strained it in some way but then my whole left leg started to be affected.

I booked an appointment with Sylwia. She was very good always checking pressure levels and making sure I wasn't in pain. At the end she explained what had happened and what I can do to minimise chances of it happening again. I have been given aftercare advice and exercise and was very pleased with the results, I have lost the restriction to my knee movements! Highly Recommend.

I come see Sylwia because I suffer from fibromyalgia, every so often it flares up and this treatment helps me greatly. The deep tissue massage she provides is always amazing. She does my body a world of good. I have been coming to Ashlins for many years and would highly recommend her.

I suffered from muscle tension in my neck and back and was booked with Sylwia for massage. She helped me greatly. She is really kind and helpful and put me at ease, it was a great session - thank you.

I had just 30 minutes to spare for a pain neck and shoulder massage and I felt the pain ease straight away. Sylwia was very friendly, helpful and informative. I would recommend her to others.

I had a very bad neck and shoulder/back pain on the right side. Sylwia said it was a trapped nerve. The treatment she provided really helped. The pain in my neck and shoulder has eased up and I can move my neck more freely again. Sylwia is a fantastic therapist. She used just the right amount of pressure and instinctively knows which areas need more work. I have been coming to Ashlins for about eight years and would recommend Sylwia to others.

Today I saw Sylwia for an hour deep tissue massage. Initially I had a colonic and saw that Ashlins offered deep tissue massage service.

I wanted to focus on my limited neck movement and to increase mobility in my back. Also to provide myself with a little “me” time. This treatment has helped me 100% and continues to help! Sylwia provides me with the information when asked and is silent and consistently focused on my treatment.

I leave totally relaxed after the treatment, some parts of the treatment can be a challenge as I have some areas that need a lot of work but with the verbal communication between us and how she takes direction from my physical response during the treatment, I feel like I’m in professional hands and would highly recommend to others.

After my initial batch of treatments I try to see Sylwia every two to four weeks, as I have felt so many benefits in so many ways on so many levels, I feel greater flexibility in my body my back and neck discomfort has gone and my mental wellbeing and perception of my body health has improved dramatically.

I would highly recommend Sylwia, she has helped me a lot.

Had a treatment with Sylwia to help with the tensions I Had in my shoulder. It was causing a constant headaches and I couldn't really concentrate. After the first 15 minutes all of the headache was gone and she spent the rest of the time working on my back, neck and shoulders. I felt so much better afterwards. She recommended some stretches I could try to help reduce the tension. Great therapist will see again

I have been booking sport massage sessions with Sylwia as part of my preparation to run the London marathon. I returned today for a recovery session after running my personal best in my 5th Marathon at 4:01:52.

I felt great and these sessions really helped my body prepare for the marathon. Sylwia is very professional and friendly. Many thanks to her and the reception staff in particular Deborah who always makes me feel welcome and made the waiting time for the treatment enjoyable. I'm glad I had these sessions.

I came in for a massage to help with my aching muscles particularly my back and legs, I was booked to see Sylwia and the treatment worked wonders. I feel so much better after the treatment, this treatment has really benefited me and I know where to go for treatments in future.

I have been coming to Ashlins on and off for years. Today I had a deep tissue massage to help with my neck pain and shoulder tension. I can feel the improvement; the knots are less painful and I feel much better. Sylwia and all the other therapist I've seen over the years at Ashlins have all been very professional, helpful and friendly. I'd recommend Sylwia and Ashlins in general as a great place to get help.

I've been a client of Ashlins for around 10 years. I have been seeing few therapists but since I had massage with Sylwia I don't need to see others. She always make a treatment bespoke to my actual state of health and well being. She is very friendly and always helpful.

I have been seeing Sylwia for over two years, since 4 months I am seeing her to ease my pain from sciatica and pain in my lower back. She is really good. Both her massage technique and skills are working on me great. I am definitely making recovery. Would highly recommend; great all round service.

I have been a customer since April 2014 due to my sports injury from playing football. I had to miss a few days from work because I could not walk. Thanks to Sylwia Lekan I am now able to run, cycle and climb the stairs without pain. I strained the ligament around my knee joint in 2011. I did therapy and it improved. It worsened this year. I was recommended to Ashlins and Sylwia where I have getting excellent treatment. I am now able to walk and run. I am like new. Personally I will be coming at least once every three months, even though I am pain free because the therapy is also helps with relaxation.

Had a massage with Sylwia to help with my tense stiff shoulders enjoyed it a lot I can already feel the difference. Recommend to anyone, looking forward to results.

I live in Walthamstow and came to Ashlins on my first appointment for a relaxing massage. I was booked in with Sylwia and I had a pleasantly fantastic massage and will see her again in future.

I have been coming to Ashlins for more than a year, i have deep tissue massages with Sylwia as it helps when my back gets really tight and that's why I come repeatedly to ease the tightness and sore away the stresses.

Came in for a girly treat with my friend, I saw Sylwia for a deep tissue massage, I had lots of tension in my neck and back and Sylwia cleared it up perfectly, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at Ashlins.


Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >

Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >