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National Lockdown from 5th January 2021

During lockdown we have the following therapists available:

Ester Pulido (Massage – for health reasons such as aches and pains, but not relaxing/pampering massage)
Kibri Dei (Podiatry – foot pain)
Odette Aguirre (Acupuncture)
Paul Tibbitts (McTimoney Chiropractic -neck and back pain)
Sarah Oliver (Osteopathy – neck, back, shoulder, sciatic pain)
Tatina Semprini (Massage – for aches and pains but not relaxing/pampering massage)
Tim Hawes (Podiatry – foot pain)



 Our Therapy Team

Achara Chavanakunakorn (Herbal Medicine & Massage)
Aimee Moore (Massage, Reflexology)
Claire Smith (Colonic Hydrotherapy)
Delene Gordon (Massage, Reflexology)
Doreen Ryan (Massage)
Dympna O’Brien (Massage)
Ed Housden (Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedy)
Ester Pulido (Massage)
Farrukh Akhtar (Craniosacral Therapy)
Gaia Domenici (Nutrition and Health Coach)
Jane Hickson (Massage)
Jazmin Yanez (Massage)
Jim Aberdein (Human Givens Psychotherapy)
Kibri Dei (Podiatry)
Lucie Trinephi (Acupuncture)
Michelle Hildreth (Kinesiology)
Odette Aguirre (Acupuncture)
Paul Tibbitts (McTimoney Chiropractic)
Petra Moxley (McTimoney Chiropractic)
Rina Juwaheer (Massage)
Sarah Oliver (Osteopathy)
Sian Randall (Massage, Reflexology)
Simon Owen (Alexander Technique)
Sue Bailes (Acupuncture)
Susan Garrity (Massage)
Sylwia Lekan (Massage)
Tatina Semprini (Massage)
Teresa Polak (Bowen,  Facial Rejuvenation Massage)
Tim Hawes (Podiatry)
Yvonne Henry (Counselling)