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Rina Juwaheer, Massage Therapist in Walthamstow

Rina (ITEC.Massage) qualified as a massage therapist through Quantum Metta in 2009. Since qualifying she has taken numerous further courses, allowing her to practice Pregnancy Massage, Ear Candling Treatment, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Natural Face Rejuvenation Massage and Ayurvedic Foot Massage.

She adapts each treatment to meet her clients needs; she is continuously attending workshops and courses to add to her skill set. Rina is known for her deep massage techniques.


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I had recently massage from Rina. It was absolutely amazing massage which helped my tensed back and shoulder area. Rina is professional and friendly. I highly recommend her.

I had the most incredible hot stone massage yesterday with Rina - she was absolutely fantastic, after a short consultation she knew what needed to be done + proceeded to knead out all my knots, muscle tensions + stress! It was really satisfying feeling everything melt away + was very relaxing - a lovely bit of self care! She put her heart + soul into it. Would strongly recommend. I'll be back!!

I can't remember the last time I had a proper massage so I thought I would give Ashlins a go and see if someone might be able to help me with my tense neck and shoulders. i was lucky enough to to be assigned to Rina Juwaheer who did an excellent job on my back and neck. After just one session I already feel amazing and much less tense (actually i don't feel tense at all!). Rina was so warm, friendly and welcoming to me, she helped me feel completely at ease and comfortable. Already looking forward to my next session in a few weeks time.

I had a deep tissue massage with Rina as I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain possibly due to my posture at work. I found the treatment really relaxing but due to the tension in my shoulder a little painful, but I know tomorrow I'll feel like an angel. Rina is a muscle magician.

My first time to this clinic and I had been suffering from neck and back pain. Had a deep tissue massage with Rina and it really helped. I feel so relaxed now. My neck is so much better. The pain has gone and feels brand new. The pressure was excellent, it's the best massage I have ever had.

I had a hot stone and facial massage with Rina today. It was a birthday treat and it helped so much. The stress has gone in my muscles and I feel so relaxed. Rina was so lovely, I would highly recommend her to others.

I've been coming to Ashlins for 2 years and have my deep tissue massages with Rina. She helps me to relax and release my tension. Today's massage was fantastic - can't wait for the next time.

I came to Ashlins for my first time, never had a massage before and I thought it would be helpful with stress, aches and pains. I saw Rina for my massage. She was really friendly and professional, very welcoming. The massage was amazing. I could feel the benefit straight away. I'm coming back for sure.

I have had a recurring pain in my neck and shoulder for years. I saw Rina today and she loosened the muscle, relieved the pain, helped me feel relaxed and made me feel amazing! In the past I have seen two different physios and other massage therapist at other locations they tried but failed, Rina succeeded! Highly recommend.

Rina has all the qualities of a really good masseuse. One of the things her bio says is that she works with the client to find what they need and this is certainly true, in my experience this is a rare and wonderful thing. Over time we have been working together on some particular difficulties in my legs and it feels like a genuine collaboration between us. She adapts her skills of co-ordination, dexterity and appropriate pressure to what is needed in the moment, This makes what she does feel like a genuinely effective therapeutic process. I highly recommend her.

Ian C

I come today to have a revisit with Rina. She is really good! I saw her originally because I had an aching body; had knots everywhere. After every treatment I have with her I feel so much better. Now I see her to get rid of small knots and relax. I would definitely recommend Rina.

Came in for a deep tissue massage with Rina for my back pain, the treatment helped immediately even though the real effect will be felt the next day. Rina is the best Massage therapist I have ever visited. I go to her regularly and would not go anywhere else.

Had an appointment with Rina for a massage to help with my marathon training muscle tension build up and the sessions have helped. I feel loosened all over and I'm ready to come back for more.

I had a massage booked with Rina to help with my stiff lower back. She is an excellent therapist; my back feels better already.

I came in for a birthday treat from my friends and I was booked in with Rina for a deep tissue massage. The treatment was amazing, I was holding a lot of tension on my lower back, shoulders, neck and hips I already feel light and loose from the massage. Rina is such a lovely therapist. She's very easy to talk to and has given me the best ever deep tissue massage that I have ever had.

Had an appointment for a full body massage to help with general stiffness caused by running. The treatment did help me and I thought Rina was fantastic.

I had Ear Candling today with Rina because of my blocked Sinus. I feel relieved of congestion and I felt very relaxed during the treatment. Rina is very good and very friendly. A talented therapist who understands client's needs! I would highly recommend Ashlins and all therapists.

It was my first visit in Ashlins and I have seen Rina for back massage. I was very knotted and now I feel very relaxed.

Rina delivered a 10 out of 10 first class deep tissue massage, she applied a lot of pressure which was exactly what I was looking for, it was by far the best massage I have ever had and definitely worth it. Can't wait to go back!

It was my first visit in Ashlins. I have seen Rina for therapeutic massage. I will recommend Rina definitely as I was feeling really great afterwards.

I was not able to breathe without it hurting. I felt completely different when I left. Would highly recommend Rina

I have been coming to Ashlins for about two months. I decided to try facial rejuvenation treatment as I wanted my skin to be the best it can be; firm, relaxed, glowing and wrinkle free. It was amazing... out of this world! I have never felt so relaxed to the point where I totally zoned out. I feel amazing and this is my first session so I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks. Rina is such an amazing therapist I have enjoyed every session with her and its changed my life for the better and I'm always looking forward to my next treatment.

Came in with my friend for a treat, I had the Hot stone massage with Rina it was very relaxing and helped release some tension. I enjoyed a lot.

I came in to have a relaxing treatment just to unwind. I saw Rina and the treatment was very nice and very relaxing she was great.

I came to Ashlins for a treat! I had hot stones and facial rejuvenating with Rina. It was absolutely amazing, feel 10 years younger!!!

Today I came to see Rina for deep tissue massage, I had a trapped nerve and stress. The treatment helped me a lot! Back pain evaporated and I got very relaxed. I will make future appointments with Rina, as she did a great job.

My deep tissue massage with Rina was just wonderful....

I had massage with Rina today. she managed to released a lot of tension, in only 30 minutes!

I was so stressed... didn't have a massage since 2006 came to Ashlins, saw Rina, and felt so different, didn't think I'd feel this way. Excellent! I will be back

Both me and my wife came in to see Rina for facial rejuvenation and we both definitely felt a difference. Full marks all round.

I opted to try hot stone massage to help my tight shoulders, Rina was brilliant the pressure and advice was great, i'm able to move a lot easier now.

I came in to try Ayurvedic Foot Massage my aim was to have a relaxing treatment. i found the treatment very relaxing and helpful, my feet felt much better and Rina was very friendly and helpful.


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