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Acupuncture is a therapy widely known and used all over the world. It is used to address many conditions ranging from back pain to anxiety. Acupuncture may also be used to complement conventional medical treatments and when feeling generally unwell.

Ultra fine (less than the width of a human hair) sterile, disposable needles are used to stimulate specific points which harmonise the body’s vital energy or ‘qi’.

People often comment on the relaxing nature of the treatment and note improvements to their sleep, energy and mood.  Acupuncture treatments may use different techniques including auricular acupuncture and cupping.

Acupuncture may help with the following:

  • Short-term improvement in the symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome (through electro-acupuncture at the SP6 point)
  • Short-term relief of tension type headaches
  • Short-term relief of migraine headache
  • Short-term relief of chronic low back pain
  • Short-term relief of neck pain or chronic neck pain
  • Short-term relief from temporomandibular (TMD/TMJ) pain
  • Temporary adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain

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Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is one of the many micro systems acupuncture.

Representations of the whole body are mirrored in the smaller parts; ears, scalp, hands, feet, etc. Each area contains information about the entire body.

Inserting fine needles into the ear can access other parts of the body and activates the healing process in the main bioenergetic channels. Auricular acupuncture can reduce acute and chronic pain.

It is used where appropriate during a full acupuncture session.



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Cupping is the suction of the skin created by the vacuum of a glass cup in which the oxygen has been previously burnt. It is usually combined with Acupuncture, as they both follow Chinese Medicine principles and work on the meridians or energy channels. However due to its broad benefits, it is also used on its own.

This therapy can be used in different ways according to how the cups are applied on the skin, usually on the back. Static cupping is a process where the cups are placed on the skin and kept for a certain amount time. Sliding or gliding cupping is when the cups are moved around the area in a continuous motion. In a cupping massage either one or both methods are used according to the individual needs.

The suction or negative pressure of the skin is what makes cupping unique and very effective to relieve tension in the muscle tissue, invigorate blood flow in the area, release toxins and pull out pathogens.

It is used where appropriate during a full acupuncture session.

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Our Acupuncture team

Odette and Uma are our Acupuncturists.

All of our therapists are:

  • suitably trained,
  • fully qualified,
  • fully insured,
Odette Aguirre, LicAc, BSc (Hons) Acupuncture

Odette Aguirre, LicAc, BSc (Hons) Acupuncture


Odette successfully treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly sciatic pain, neck, shoulder and back pain.

She has a special interest in fertility and gynecological conditions. She aims to improve fertility and women's health by treating the whole person (body, mind and emotions) to restore their optimal health. She often helps women who want support with IVF and other assisted fertility procedures.

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Uma Saema

Uma Saema


Uma is an acupuncturist with more than 10 years experience. She works with people with complex health issues, helping them back to full health and to regain their vitality.

A treatment session with Uma is a collaborative process. She is very good at tuning in, observing and digesting feedback and listening to the nuance of what someone is communicating. She strives to be minimal and effective in my treatment.

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Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >


I've been having Acupuncture as well as the Cosmetic Accupuncture with Odette for nearly 18 months. Her expertise coupled with knowledge have been truly commendable. She is always at hand to offer you advice and techniques both on a bespoke and personal level to complement the Acupuncture and your general health. Her commitment and passion are clearly evident and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Odette. Not only is it gentle and relaxing but always feel I learn so much from her. Highly recommend Odette. An excellent acupuncturist without a doubt.


I cannot rate Odette highly enough. She literally saved my life. I was in severe pain with shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder and tear in a tendon. NHS could not treat me because of Covid-19. I cried at my first few treatments, relieved I was finally getting help. Odette treated me with acupuncture, cupping and massage. She also advised on nutrition. She’s very dedicated and works hard to relieve the pain. I can’t thank her enough.


I came to try Accupunture and massage combination with Odette to help me manage my stress levels. After my first treatment I felt so relaxed. I highly recommend this combination and Odette.

Farha C   

I have been seeing Odette regularly since undergoing IVF and I have found each session to be so beneficial. It alleviated the side effects from the medicines I had to take for the IVF, and also I found her knowledge of wider Chinese medicine (for diet/lifestyle advice) really helpful throughout.

I fell pregnant on the first round of treatment and having taken over four years to do so I feel this is in large part thanks to the support of the acupuncture sessions I had with Odette. Her empathy and understanding is a key part of why each session is enjoyable and relaxing.

It has gone on to help me still in pregnancy - to manage nausea, and increase my energy levels. I hadn't originally intended to continue with the treatment, but all the positive aspects I've experienced changed my mind!


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