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I start having massage with Vera.
She is amazing therapist. Knowledgeable, paying attention to details.
Create relaxing atmosphere with highly levels of skills its just what I need. Helps with tight muscles, soreness and relaxation all together. Highly recommend.

Alex, is highly professional, experienced and friendly,so much so that I recommended him to my mum, we both feel alot better and more relaxed, we 100% recommend him and will be returning.

Alex really understands the body and the muscular hot spots. He really has healing hands !

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to Zahra for her invaluable assistance in helping me overcome my plane anxiety. Prior to our sessions, I used to dread plane journeys and was consumed by anxiety. However, Zahra's guidance and support completely transformed my mindset and allowed me to approach flying with newfound confidence. Recently, I embarked on a trip to Paris with my family, and I can proudly say that I didn't experience any anxiety or fearful thoughts during the plane journey. Instead, I had an amazing time with my husband and family, making cherished memories. Zahra's techniques and expertise have truly been life-changing, and my family and I couldn't be more grateful for her assistance. Thank you, Zahra, for helping me conquer my anxiety and enabling me to enjoy every moment of my travels.

Paul Tibbitts is a great practitioner who has been helping me with my lower back pain. In a matter of weeks I already felt much better and continue to improve. I look forward to keeping up my health with Paul's help!

I couldn't be happier with Alex and how he treated my upper and lower back long-term issues. After the first session, my joints felt more supple, my muscles relaxed, and my pain decreased. As a bonus, my athletic performance improved dramatically. After a couple more sessions, my pain was completely gone. I have been seeing him for 8 months now, and I am already looking forward to our next session. Highly recommended!

Best massage to date by Vera. Pleasant calm and pays attention to details. Highly recommend. I will certainly be returning for future massages.

I've been having Acupuncture as well as the Cosmetic Accupuncture with Odette for nearly 18 months. Her expertise coupled with knowledge have been truly commendable. She is always at hand to offer you advice and techniques both on a bespoke and personal level to complement the Acupuncture and your general health. Her commitment and passion are clearly evident and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Odette. Not only is it gentle and relaxing but always feel I learn so much from her. Highly recommend Odette. An excellent acupuncturist without a doubt.

Alex is an excellent therapist who has helped with my pain tremendously. I am more supple and happier. I would highly recommend Alex

I had been very unwell with a lot of body pain for some time. I had a two hour long session with Alex, and I had never felt more lighter and energetic. Alex was a very mindful and thoughtful massage therapist and I am definitely going back to him.

I had a deep tissue massage with Alex just recently and he was great. He is ever so efficient but gentle. Highly recommend

Had an excellent treatment provided by Tatina (19 May 2023). She made accommodations for a injury I have and was really attentive to making sure everything was OK and comfortable. Very clearly a seasoned professional, she delivered a deeply relaxing massage in a calm and soothing atmosphere. Highly recommend.

I’m happy with the treatment received from paul as well as the service provided, he briefly explained everything in good detail to help me understand the type of treatment I’d be receiving and as of now I feel better just after my first few adjustments. Highly recommend trying out his service

Paul is a caring and professional practitioner. I first visited him with sciatica and lower back discomfort. He was thorough in diagnosing my issues and his treatments have worked wonders! I no longer groan or wince when standing or getting out of bed and the pain has gone! Highly recommended.

I had recently massage from Rina. It was absolutely amazing massage which helped my tensed back and shoulder area. Rina is professional and friendly. I highly recommend her.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across Tim. I had developed 4 rather nasty verrucae on my left foot including a particularly mammoth one on my big toe (apologies if you're eating lunch reading this!). Tim recommended he use the needling approach to get rid of them as the acid would only scratch the surface. Once the initial main procedure was done, I visited Tim weekly for debridement and redressing. Throughout the process he gave terrific professional advice about how I could treat the warts in between appointments to quicken the recovery and during the sessions, he always examined thoroughly and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Although my foot is now completely recovered, I will miss my weekly visits to Ashlins as Tim is an extremely nice chap and made verruca removal an unexpectedly pleasant experience. And no, I didn't think I'd ever be writing that either! Cheers for excellent treatment and chats mate. I Highly recommend.

I cannot recommend Nadia enough. I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and have been experiencing hip and shoulder pain. Nadia took the time to understand exactly what I needed and even after only two treatments I am feeling a lot better. I will keep going to see her. The sessions are excellent and she has even given me some stretches to help between sessions.

During the Christmas holidays the right hand side of my chest started to hurt really badly, I've been to the GP and he told me the reason might be because of coughing since it's the cold season, but I never had the cough so I assumed he didn't know what to say at this point. I went home upset, in pain and hopeless.

I saw Alex once last week, and after the consultation he explained me how the pain in an area could be originating from a different area. The treatment was great but the pain was still there to a certain extent, until it started to decrease and completely faded after 3 days.
After more than a week my pain hasn't come back, and I feel great

I have been struggling with a longterm health condition and after always having quite intensive deep tissue massages in the past, I realised I needed a different approach this time. After spending a lot of time in pain with my condition what I wanted was a massage that was not painful (but could still target areas well), so I decided to try someone new.
Miles was really great-he listened carefully and gave a deep tissue massage that was just what I needed. It was so effective and I was really happy with his balanced approach. I recommend booking a massage with him, it was a really great experience for me.

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage with Vera recently, she cured the lower back issue I had been suffering from for several weeks. She was professional & friendly, a good listener and asked exactly what I wanted. Her treatment room was relaxing, would definitely return if have any other issues in the future

I had a excellent care from Tim Hawes the podiatrist when my toes were so painful I was at risk of not being able to walk. I was very emotional for various reasons, but he ensured I got the care I needed as quickly and comfortably as possible. He was very patient and helped me make an informed decision. I felt immediate relief from my painful toes on leaving the clinic and Tim ensured I got proper aftercare too. The price was very good for the quality of the care. I will be back if I ever need any more help in the future. Thank you so much Tim!

Eleanor instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk to. Her approach was very thorough and she gave me so much detail and information about how I could alter my diet going forward in a sustainable way. She was very informative and really helped me to understand the information she'd given me. Eleanor has been so helpful throughout the process and has had such a positive influence on my relationship with food!

Eleanor helped me identify areas of my diet which were lacking and therefore could be contributing to issues which I was having. She took the time to understand my current lifestyle, diet, exercise habits and suggest changes to my diet which would fit alongside it and were therefore achievable. Starting with small swaps initially and then tweaking from there, Eleanor explained everything, and is very approachable making it easy to understand and ask any questions as needs be. I would really recommend Eleanor to anyone for her kind and professional approach, and great knowledge.

I was suffering with low energy and skin problems on my hands. Eleanor was very professional and methodical. She put together a new diet and supplement plan for me over the course of our sessions and we were able to pinpoint my triggers. My skin issues have cleared with no recurrence and I have more energy. I would highly recommend Eleanor.

This morning I woke up and my forearm pain as well as my neck tension were gone, not to mention that I slept like a baby last night!
This was my second acupuncture with Odette, and I think she knows exactly what she's doing!
I strongly recommend her whether you had acupuncture before or as a first time experience. Now I think I should rest and allow the treatment to fully work.
Thank you!!

Tim is one of the most caring and dedicated health professionals I have ever met. I saw him to treat some terrible verrucas on both my feet (as bad a case as Tim had ever seen!). Genuinely to my amazement they are now almost totally healed. It did take a few months but Tim is persistent and doesn't stop until the work is done. I wouldn't hesitate to see him again for any foot issue because I think he really cares and does his best on at all times. He's also very focused on what the evidence says which I appreciate!!

Much of the discomfort and aches I felt in my body has either gone or has vastly improved after visiting Paul. Paul delivers Top tier treatment and has an amiable, professional approach.

I have seen her several times and she is always very sweet, very careful to check your general condition and has a lot of advice to give. She is a great touch and leaves you feeling great after every session.

Extremely mindful and soft approach. Very competent, strong and gentle at the same time. I had a deep tissue massage, but it was much more than that. He was very careful check levels of discomfort or pain. He is awesome!

Extremely mindful and soft approach. Very competent, strong and gentle at the same time. I had a deep tissue massage, but it was much more than that. He was very careful check levels of discomfort or pain. He is awesome!

Nadia has been great! I have been seeing her for a few months now and I would highly recommend. My treatment has been a combination of Osteopathy and Acupuncture. This varied approach is what originally drew me to booking an appointment as Nadia is able to combine her expertise in different techniques to come up with the right treatment plan for you.

I have been seeing Nadia regularly for osteopathy treatments for a few months now, and I can't recommend her enough. Her treatments are incredibly helpful and she is really lovely and immediately puts you at ease.

I’ve been going to Nadia for a good few months now for my tension headaches and shoulder/neck tightness. Not only has there been improvement, Nadia has helped me understand where the tension is coming from which triggers the headaches. She’s great! Highly recommend her if you have similar issues.

Farrukh's craniosacral treatments are very relaxing and gentle. I went to see her for help dealing with severe back pain. Along with her craniosacral treatments, she also used what she called Scenar Therapy, which worked work miracles on my back and knees. Farrukh is a very intuative person, who I highly recommend when you are seeking a less vigorous therapy, especially if suffering with tender muscles and joints.

I came today to see Alex for pain and tension in my shoulders and lower back. I have been seeing Alex for three months now and his treatments have made a huge difference to reduce the pain and tension I've been feeling. Alex's treatment style is professional, instructive and supportive. I have learnt a lot from him and greatly appreciate the knowledge he shares. Highly recommend.

I had a deep tissue massage today to help with my neck and shoulders, my overall stress and built up tension. the treatment with Alex absolutely helped, very targeted and tailored treatment that alleviated the symptoms. he also shared his knowledge for future ways to stop this occurring. Thank you Alex you're always very meticulous and consultative i really appreciate everything you share!

I had another treatment of Myofascial with Alex today, i have it for continuous maintenance from my health issues. Alex is always helping with the release of tension in my neck, shoulders and back which is also relieving and headaches i have. The treatment definitely helps. Emotionally its a great stress relief and lowers the muscle tension in my body physically releasing the knots and tight areas deep within the muscle. Alex is a wonderful therapist very intuitive and sensitive to what my body needs on the day. He provides wonderful advice for outside of my treatment including exercise and nutrition. He is invested in my healing with great care which is wonderful. I would definitely recommend Alex.

I received an Extensive amount of massages from 2001, in the winter of 2002 I was informed that i had very poor blood circulation. After a confrontation with Hackney council management I was off work for 6 months. In December 2002 I was backed by Hackney council occupational heath Doctor he told me thanks to Ashlins natural health my legs will not have to be amputated by the time I'm 60. My issue was caused by excessive vibrations of the strimmer machine at work. Thanks to Ashlins they have saved my legs from permanent damage, been coming here for almost 20 years.

The treatment i had from Alex was the best i ever had. Had pain in the middle and lower back he absolutely helped with the pain. He was very specific to the problem areas with perfect pressure throughout. He is the nicest guy felt really at ease and even extended by an hour because he was so good which i have never done before.

Today I had a deep tissue massage with Alex it was a gift but i was also suffering from shoulder pain. After the treatment i feel 100% better i feel calmer and don't feel tension in my back or shoulder feeling very relaxed. Alex was professional and experienced i would definitely recommend him again.

I had a massage with Miles to treat a painful leg muscle. The leg feels lighter and much less painful. He has such a calming and incredibly relaxing nature, it really was the first time i have ever felt truly relaxed during a treatment.
I would absolutely recommend a visit. I am counting the weeks until my next appointment. Thank you Miles!

Alex is very knowledgeable and a great therapist. The treatment was amazing, and the atmosphere very pleasant.

I have had a course of treatment on my back from Paul Tibbett (McTimoney Chiropractor). I arrived with tremendous pain and Paul, after my first session, relieved the pain enormously and enabled me to straighten up again. With a few more sessions I now feel pain free. He has a calm, professional manner.
The receptionist is also pleasant and welcoming. Very pleased with the service.

I booked a Deep tissue massage with a headache combination to help reduce the tension in my neck and shoulders, and generally to relieve some muscle soreness.
The diagnostic questions were really thorough and the massage was absolutely great! Perfect alternation from deep pressure to gentle, it felt amazing on the neck where most of my tension is located.
I would happily see Alex again in the future.

I enjoyed my massage very much!!
Incredibly relaxing on those tense areas, thanks Alex, that was very helpful!!

Paul Tibbitts (McTimoney Chiropractor) treated me for sciatica which had been painful and debilitating. I felt such relief after just one session, I didn’t think that would have been possible. After a few more sessions, I felt so much better and pain-free. I would recommend Paul who is professional and reassuring. Thank you so much.

You will never ever forget having experienced a private session with Miles, I always feel lighter afterwards, and look forward to our sessions

Rina is outstanding!
I don't know what she did with that candle but it was out of this world!
My face feels rejuvenated!

My first appointment with Farrukh, was a bit confusing. Her treatment is very quiet and subtle, with her laying her hands on my feet for an extended period. But the second appointment, I got what she was doing and the power of the treatment was amazing. Farrukh is able to find spots in the body that have been effected by life's traumas and emotional /physical injuries, which can manifest themselves in to our physical aches and pains and later illnesses. Her treatments have given me serious relief from the pain of arthritis as well as a greater understanding of what is causing my back issues. Farrukh's treatments are very positive and gentle. I highly recommend the experience.

I had several sessions of lymphatic drainage massage with Vera. Each session was like being sent to a tropical island. After the first session, my feet could fit easily into my trainers. I could feel the improvement in my legs and my whole body. The pain in my legs diminished week by week. I am happy to have found Vera who is a well trained professional. I totally recommend Vera who practises different type of massage.

I came to the clinic because I've been struggling with poor circulation for years and I have very tense muscles so I hoped someone could help me. I booked a full body massage and now I feel way better and relaxed. Alex's massage was the best I had in ages, really firm pressure but not painful which I though it was not possible! The aftercare he gave me was great too, he shared with me part of his daily routine that keeps the body and the mind healthy, such as having a healthy nutrition, exercise, anti stress habits, quality of sleep, posture etc and made me become curious about it and research further. He really put some extra effort trying to help me and seemed very happy to do that. Outstanding!

I have been having treatments with Sylwia Lekan for a few weeks now and the improvement to my body concerns are incredible. Each session takes me out of pain and improves the movement to my body. Sylwia massages are the best I've ever experienced. She seems to intuitively know the areas that require work. Sylwia is professional and friendly and really listens to your needs. I am so happy to have found her and will be a long term client for life. Highly recommended. My life is becoming pain free.

Excellent treatment by Alex, 10/10. Before I couldn't even lift my arm, now it's much better, I'll be coming more often. Thanks a lot.

I recently had the best massage treatment from Sylwia. It was wonderfully relaxing and restorative. My muscles are no longer stiff and aching. You are a real star!

Vera's deep tissue massage was simply amazing. I came to her after a long period of time of being unwell with pains in my shoulders and feeling the tension all over my body but mainly in my shoulders and head. I felt feeling completely renewed. Thank you!

Loved loved my massage. Felt like I was floating when I left and also felt like I could breathe easier and deeper strangely - a nice feeling. Thanks so so much.

I have had 3 treatments with Petra, and she has been amazing, a lovely and caring person, not only do you feel uplifted by the treatment but she also gives you that emotional support.
She has truly gone above and beyond to make sure the needs of the client are met and to get a positive outcome from the treatment. Thank you so much Petra!

I originally came in feeling very weak and exhausted all the time, I had a review on my medication. Worked wonders and feel like a different person, I'm now able to manage more and cope with less sleep. Thank you Michelle for showing a real interest an making me feel good about myself.

I have had a few treatments here, and I'm still currently having treatment done. I have only had around 4 and I can see and feel the improvement! Nadia is doing a great job! My issues are tightness of muscles, restrictions when walking and back pain. All this has been looked into and improved upon in 4 sessions, I still need more treatment but the improvement speaks for itself. If you have any of these issues I highly recommend making a booking here!

Lucie my acupuncturist has been such a help. After having cancer and surgery Lucie has been a godsend. My health has improved enormously and I can’t thank her enough for her kindness and practical advice. I was apprehensive going having never tried alternative therapy. But I’m so glad I tried it and have booked another set of appointments. I highly recommend her

I have been coming to Ashlins sporadically for many years, recently I have been having massages done with Vera for my back pain. I have found Vera to be very professional and a friendly therapist. She knows how to listen and I have never felt rushed. I feel I am in good hands!

I was suffering from debilitating depression and anxiety following the second wave of Covid-19. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never had psychotherapy before, but Jim has a very kind and calm manner which put me at ease and there was no pressure at all. The sessions felt natural and relaxed.

Jim showed me practical tools and techniques that have been so useful for lowering my anxiety levels. He also helped me reframe the negative thoughts I was having, which opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at things. We also did some very relaxing guided imagery.

Jim is very person-centred and really got to know me as an individual. He helped me to find joy in my hobbies again. This improved my mood and self-esteem, which in turn has literally allowed me to function. It’s been lovely. I’m playing the guitar and cooking nice meals and enjoying studying. It’s like coming alive again!

If you are thinking of reaching out to Jim, I would strongly recommend it. We had 9 Zoom sessions over a couple of months and he has helped me to feel like myself again after years of depression and anxiety

I saw Kibri for a podiatry consult. She was amazing. She has a great amount of knowledge, and she made me feel 100% at ease. I came about a long-term foot discomfort that’s been causing concern for outdoor activities. Kibri was very reassuring and patiently talked me through all the details to explain the cause of the discomfort, and then went out of her way to identify recovery options to fit with my work and activity schedule over upcoming weeks.

I was for the first time at a Silvia massage because many positive opinions. My tense muscles finally got relief. Sylwia is professional with great knowledge. A great massage that definitely will keep me coming back.

Antonieta makes you relax, has a great sense of observation and knows where to focus on each time. She will give you some advice on what sort of exercise you should do on a regular basis to keep any pain away.

Antonieta helped me when I was both at my worst and when I was better and just needed a top-up. For me, it is both her pleasant nature and her intimate relationship to her work. She is naturally calm, caring and focused, attributes that made me trust her rather quickly, and her treatment feels grounded but still intuitive. I could not have found a better osteopath for my family.

I’ve engaged Antonieta on and off for the past 4 years to help fix issues with my posture. I always find her to be super professional and thorough in her approach; she listens well and takes time to understand the full picture. Aside from her professional expertise, I particularly like her warm, friendly and accepting manner.

I have really benefitted from my sessions with Katie. She has enabled me to identify my skills and attributes, and where I have made an impact in my current role, and this has developed my confidence and focus in the workplace greatly. Katie's approach is considered but flexible to changing needs and responses, and she allows for exploration of ideas and thoughts whilst being gently challenging to get the most out of the session.

Coaching could well be the kickstart you need to start making changes in your life. It isn’t something that I had thought much about before I was recommended it by a friend, but I’m really glad that I gave it a try. Just having someone external to talk over issues with can give you remarkable clarity, help get your thoughts in order and understand what might be holding you back. Katie was friendly and easy to talk to, as well as intelligent and knowledgeable. The sessions ran incredibly smoothly and Katie was always able to come up with relevant information and ideas to help explain my actions and work out what I needed to do.

Tatina is without any doubt THE best massage therapist I have ever had! She is exquisitely skilled, is very in tune with your body and seems to know exactly where to massage at the exact right time and in the right way and with the right pressure. I have been to countless massage therapists and although good, they have never really seemed to simply 'get' what my body needs, whether this is from automated training and 'going through the motions'. But Tatina... She is a muscle wizard. A human angel! I can tell she has a very sophisticated knowledge of the body, the skeletal structure, the physiology and the structure of muscles. This coupled with her intuitive skills makes her a Muscle Angel and I wish everyone could benefit from her healing hands. I can recommend her without any shadow of a doubt and my only regret is that I didn't find her sooner!

I went to see Odette for my shoulder pain. I’m glad to found her. She really hit the right spot with the treatment! I like the way she practice because it’s teaching me how to take care and manage my body. She gave me treatment on acupuncture, cupping, massage. She advised on nutrition, stretch exercise to work on. Her outlook on acupuncture and in Chinese medicine are inspiring and encouraging . I’m grateful for her!

Aimée is beautiful soul inside and out. She has a lovely genuine personality. Her Reflexology classes on Goldster are wonderful. I wish that I lived nearer to her!

“I went to see Selma to try and iron out some niggly issues I was having with my digestion, (mainly bloating and diarrhoea). I also felt that I needed more instruction and advice on how to cope with my recently diagnosed Pernicious Anaemia, for which I had not had much information from my GP.
I found Selma to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable and I was especially impressed with the follow up programme, she was able to fine tune the core issues I was struggling with.
My digestive problems have since disappeared, and I now feel better equipped to deal with the Pernicious Anaemia.
She definitely comes highly recommended; I can't thank her enough”.

I saw Tim with an ingrown toenail that had been causing pain for a few months. He was very patient, communicated clearly about what was going on and was great at managing the pain of the procedure. The after-care following the surgery was excellent. It was very good value for money.

I was in quite a bad way when I arrived for a body treatment with Sian but at the end of the hour I was a lot better and I would highly recommend Sian. She is thorough, intuitive, and skilled with a warm and intelligent personality as well - and a lovely laugh!

I cannot rate Odette highly enough. She literally saved my life. I was in severe pain with shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder and tear in a tendon. NHS could not treat me because of Covid-19. I cried at my first few treatments, relieved I was finally getting help. Odette treated me with acupuncture, cupping and massage. She also advised on nutrition. She’s very dedicated and works hard to relieve the pain. I can’t thank her enough.

Sian was fantastic and it was such a relaxing Deep Tissue Massage. I loved that she knew where to focus the massage and even recognised that I am holding in stress internally. I will definitely be back for regular massages. Thank you!

First let me say that I very rarely leave a review yet here I am this morning first thing after yesterday's treatment with a marked improvement to report. I have had quite a few massages in my life but nothing as comprehensive and precise as the one I had with Sian yesterday. She addressed every area that I told her about singling out those knots. Sian listened to me...all about the pain and discomfort that has been going on for years and she did not neglect to address them: shoulder, rotator cuff, neck and jaw/TMJ (I actually could not open my mouth properly but now I can!) I slept so well and have woken up re-energised. I will definitely be visiting her regularly.

Oh my word..! I have just had an hour massage from Tatina Semprini, for my muscular aches and pains, and it was by far the best massage I have ever had!

I’m a guy in my late 40s and I’ve always been quite sporty, and naturally get a bit tight. However, Tatina had this ability to find the tights muscle that I never even knew I had.

I could just feel the tension and muscle stiffness roll away.

I honestly can’t begin to explain how good Tatina is as a masseuse!

Absolute magic!

I shall be back every month from now on!

I have been visiting Ashlins for the past 18 years and the massage I received from Ester was one of the best, amazing. She targeted all the areas where I felt pain and within the same massage made me feel so relaxed!

I can't recommend Jazmin enough as a masseuse.

I have had many massages from her and whether it's a brief of relaxation or dealing with an injury/stress I always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

I try and fit in a fairly regular massage now as it's become part of my well being and I consistently feel better after, both in body and mind.

It's a worthy and necessary investment and I feel fortunate to have found a masseuse that I both trust and know will make a difference to my stress levels.

I saw Tim today, I have been struggling with excruciating pain in the balls of my feet for over 2 years. I have tried every Metatarsal pad, and shoe insole on the market and nothing seemed to work. I have been struggling for 2 years to get help from the NHS. I called Tim and he offered to help me the next day! Tim was so lovely and caring. He really took the time to properly look at my feet to see what the problem was. Within 20 minutes he said I probably had Morton's Neuroma. He put a pad under my foot and the pain was gone immediatly. Tim I cannot thank you enough for helping me today, if there was a option to rate you 1000 I would!
You didn't charge me to help me and I cannot thank you enough! I honestly cried when I got home, for the first time in 2 years I could walk without pain. I will definitely be coming back if I have anymore problems with my feet, and I would highly recommend Tim to anybody! 😍

I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy and I must say it was amazing. It relieved me immediately and I will strongly suggest everyone to consider this treatment. Claire was so lovely and welcoming and did her best to ensure I was at ease. The whole place was also very clean

I saw Tim for some treatment for two verruca's, after a course of a few visits I managed to clear the area free of any verruca's and they haven't come back, thanks Tim, great work and advice.

I saw Tim for a podiatry consultation. He was thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. I'm delighted that he got to the bottom of my foot & ankle pain. He even went above and beyond to deliver orthotic insoles to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

I had a ingrown toenail, that made it hard to walk in any shoes, Tim suggested that I have surgery which I did and I haven’t had a problem since. Surgery was 2years ago, A cool friendly guy, always a pleasure, does great work every time. 🍻Tim

I had a verruca for about 6 years and starting trying the usual chemist remedies eventually which only made it bigger to the point where I decided to seek treatment from Tim. He used needling which was relatively painless and cleared most of the by this time quite large verruca within a short time. The rest was treated with an acid preparation and I was at last verruca free. In the past I’ve had much longer courses of treatment for this complaint and the needling was quite the easiest, kindest and quickest way to deal with the problem and I’d certainly use it again. Thanks Tim for offering this treatment.

I saw Tim Hawes for a running related foot compliant. He took time to carefully analyse not just the foot itself but the overall bio-mechanical situation and gave me comprehensive advice related to exercise and stretching and footwear. I definitely felt that he went the extra mile and that he genuinely cared about the outcome. Thank you!

Dear Farrukh,
I have no idea what you did or how you did it, but I have slept for 2 nights almost normally without any need for Diazapam (which left my brain foggy the next day so only took it when I was exhausted). After 9 weeks I am beginning to feel human and was able to get through [work] which I had been unable to do for 2 weeks. Thank you. Claire

I saw Tim to get replacement insoles. He was extremely thorough and professional in his approach. The new insoles fitted perfectly and my back continues to be great.

I have been doing Kinesiology with Ed Housden for over 15 years, he is a master and goes beyond to help you out. He has sorted my health so many times, it's just incredible what a vitamin can do, give you the extra support you need and keep the drugs (chemist) away.
What he does its a kind of magic, but for me works miracles!!!!

Tim treated my daughter's stubborn verrucae, he was very approachable, knowledgeable and professional, he tried a number of different treatments and persevered with them. Once the verrucae were manageable he advised us on home treatments with regular check ups to monitor them. It was very reassuring seeing Tim and a major relief when he finally confirmed they were gone. I found his advice invaluable and i would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a chiropodist.

I had the most incredible hot stone massage yesterday with Rina - she was absolutely fantastic, after a short consultation she knew what needed to be done + proceeded to knead out all my knots, muscle tensions + stress! It was really satisfying feeling everything melt away + was very relaxing - a lovely bit of self care! She put her heart + soul into it. Would strongly recommend. I'll be back!!

I have been coming to Ashlins infrequently over the years. I booked with Sylwia Lekan. The massage was just excellent, she got into areas that were causing my discomfort and I feel better already. I would highly recommend Sylwia and I will be back! 🙂

I saw Teresa Polak for massage to help with my pain, I found the treatment to be very helpful and targeted areas that needed it. I recommend Teresa.

I saw Teresa Polak today for a deep tissue massage to help with my back pain. It was very good and I highly recommend her.

I have been coming to Ashlins Natural Health since 2013. I have been having back issues. Today I saw Sarah Oliver for Osteopathy. I felt terrible when I arrived, I feel great now!!!

Had a massage with Teresa Polak today i had no specific pains but she was attentive and thorough and my ankle feels much better.

This was my first Bowen session with Teresa Polak (Massage), her treatment has realigned my body ridding it of tension and leaving me feeling balanced. I totally recommend Bowen.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 5 years, today i had a deep tissue massage with Kim Watson, I would very much repeat my experience today , I feel relaxed and revived. Kim was able to put me at ease immedately and is very skilled i would highly recommend her.

I have been coming to Ashlins for about 18 years , today i had a treatment with Kim Watson (Massage), the treatment was good overall and would recommend.

I have been coming to ashlins for over 2 years today i saw Rina Juwaheer (Massage), for a deep tissue massge which i find helps with my headaches I come every month and i have seen the difference.

I have becoming to ashlins for ages i had booked an appointment today with Anna Casula (Massage), it was mainly to deal with tension and help for relaxing. The treatment was relaxing and exactly what i needed! Thank you

This is my first time to Ashlins and i had booked a massage with Sylwia Labecka-Czarnik (Massage) for my neck. I would highly recomend her because she was good and helped with my neck pain.

I have been coming to Ashlins for a long time today i saw Sylwia Labecka-Czarnik (Massage), I had a deep tissue massage for muscle ache. She was able to get into the exact places i needed and mentioned, its a shame i did not book a longer session.

I have been coming to Ashlins for about 3 years, today I saw Teresa for a relaxing massage to help with my anxiety disorder. She really listened to what I wanted and tailored the treatment for me. very happy.

Today was my first visit to Ashlins. I had a massage with Teresa. She was absolutely fantastic! made me feel at ease, very thorough gave me great advice. I recommend Teresa and will be back to see her again.

Came in for massage to help with stiffness in my back. Had a treatment with Anna and felt like a new man. Highly recommend.

I saw Teresa Polat for a deep tissue massage, she worked very hard on my shoulders, I felt so good afterwards, fantastic experience. Hope to see her again.

Hi my name is Lorraine and I'm a chef at one of the most prestigious venues in London's Fenchurch Street.

I had terrible pains in the soles of my feet and general body muscular tension. Since beginning my massage treatments I've managed to almost eliminate the pains in my feet and I now have a better understanding of the causes which help a lot. I feel better and more relaxed now and look forward to my monthly treatments with Jazmin . Well recommended!!

I've been coming to see Rina since 2014 for deep tissue massage and I cannot recommend her enough. She helped me whilst training for an ultra-endurance bike race and has been fixing me ever since. If I could give her a higher rating of 5 then I would

I visited Jane Hickson for Arvigo Massage. It was absolutely fantastic. Jane is definitely a fountain of knowledge. She is very thorough and very helpful and cannot do enough to help. She really informs you about what she is actually doing during the treatment and what the benefits will be. I will definitely book another treatment.

Had a problem with my left foot for six years and could not walk without pain. I was treated by Tim Hawes, and given exercises to do and now I can walk well and for pleasure. It’s been liberating.

Just wanted to thank Jim Aberdein, for the 2 sessions we had, the second one being just to thank him for helping me understand my anxiety. He made me see it as a constructive experience and helped me realise the important things in my life.
And if I ever have any issues or know someone that needs help I will definitely recommend him.
It was a pleasure and an honour to meet you Jim, and I really enjoyed our last session.

Kind regards,

A fantastic experience, more than than just a massage. She goes deep into what your personal and nutritional needs are...make sure you try her transformational juices too. Thanks, Marcia I can't wait for our next session. 🙂

This is the first time I have been to Ashlins after receiving a voucher as a present. Marcia gave an incredible massage and introduced me to Jing.

I didn't know what to expect but I can say that it is one of the best massages I have ever had. It was both incredibly relaxing and very firm deep tissue massage.

I left feeling very relaxed and the pain in my back was so much better.

I have suffered with back pain for a long time and due to its location had thought it was a gynaecology issue, until I met Claire Smith and had my first hydro colonic treatment. I have never had a problem with bowel movements so never imagined my back pain was related to a partially blocked colon, which it turns out was the problem. Claire was so reassuring I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable she explained the process and really made the experience easier because she explained beforehand what would happen, how I may feel and urged me to ask her to stop the treatment if I needed to. I did not feel at all embarrassed or awkward. The treatment was not painful, and Claire’s treatment room is comfortable and soothing we spoke and laughed, a lot 😂throughout the treatment. I hope I have helped to encourage any readers to consider this treatment. Needless to say I had a second session 3 weeks later and my back pain is no more. I really didn’t consider a colonic because I thought by having regular bowel movements there was no issue, but clearly there can be and it’s important to check it out. Thank you Claire, I have shared my experience with many others and suspect they will be visiting you over the next few months.
Do it Folks, it’s a must

Today I saw Claire for the second part of my ten day detox. It was first class, I love the peppermint belly rub part on the second visit. The treatment is so relaxing. It can be a bit deep but I felt really good afterwards. The whole detox package has really helped me over the last 10 days, it triggered my intent to improve my diet and wellbeing. Thank you Claire.

Jazmin is an excellent massage therapist. She is highly professional and listens carefully to her clients, providing individualized treatments. During my first treatment, Jazmin took the time to really listen to what areas where causing me pain, and to develop a plan that would relieve my pain. I highly recommend her services. She offers a range of different types of massage suitable for everyone young or old, because each massage is tailored to what you need/want.

Firstly I would like to thank Jazmin for the amazing massage.
My reason for wanting to send formal feedback stands on the fact that my Massage I had with Jazmin was one of the best to date. I have worked around the area for over 20 years and visited many professional salons for the same treatment but have never left fully satisfied. Jazmin listened to my issues and concerns and put her all into providing outstanding service.
I have returned to the office and mentioned to many people.
Once again thank you

I had my first massage from Jazmin about 3 months ago and I have been going back to her regularly. She is beyond excellent. Clearly she is gifted and no doubt a wonderful healer. My back and shoulders had been stiff and moving was uncomfortable for a couple of months. I didn't think one treatment could possibly resolve this. Not only did she completely understand what I vaguely explained, she had a total instinctive sense of how much pressure to use and where. I am so grateful and will be singing her praises to anyone who will listen. She was very professional and her technique was excellent.

First visit to Ashlins. Greeted warmly by Michelle. I was booked to have a lymphatic drainage massage with Jane. Heaven! Jane certainly knows her stuff. Very knowledgable. Gently useda small massaging machine followed by a hand massage with oils. Very relaxing and definitely helping the areas needing attention. She gave me useful tips and suggestions to improve my recovery. I felt so much lighter and supple immediately afterwards. Would definitely recommend her I was very impressed

Saw Tim today for removal of areas of hard skin on the soles of my feet. Excellent treatment and advice. Felt a lot more comfortable after the treatment. Highly recommended. Thanks Tim.

Tim Hawes carries out home visits for my elderly grandmother and provides an excellent service, my grandmother is always comfortable with him and says there is never any discomfort or pain. Tim is very professional and at the same time kind and patient, I would highly recommend his treatments to anyone.

This is my first time at Ashlins. I came because I had pain in both legs. I saw Tatina who was friendly and engaging. The treatment helped me a lot and loosened my muscles. Tatina educated me in ways to help prevent such injuries in future. Very happy with the treatment I had & I would recommend Tatina.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 3 years to help with my scoliosis which is not helped by my job which sees me walking excessively and driving for long periods of time. I have been seeing Rina and she is fabulous, she is very attentive to my muscle concerns and pains. I regret that I'm not able to come as frequently as I require.

I've been coming to Rina for years for deep tissue massages. Initially I came during marathon training but she is was good I kept coming back! Rina is brilliant - professional, friendly and more importantly does a great massage . I work in an office and have bad posture and I always feel so much better after my visits. I do not hesitate to recommend her.

I saw Marcia today for an hour long massage. She is very good, caring and attentive masseuse, using pressure points to relax the muscles. I would recommend her.

Had a massage with Rina to help with neck and shoulder pain. The treatment worked and I feel the tension has released. I will return for further tensions. Rina was very kind and considerate she used specific techniques suited to my needs.

I came today to have a massage with Rina to help with muscle tension especially in my back. The massage really helped work out all the knots that have been troubling me for weeks. Rina is really gifted at massage she responds intuitively to my needs. I've already recommended her to lots of my friends and keep coming back.

What ever ache or pain I have had Achara finds a way to solve it long term with 1 or 2 sessions. She puts you totally at ease if when dealing with sore injuries! She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. I have deep tissue or sometimes Thai combination! Both are 10 out of 10!!

I went to see Tim about my foot, it had been really hurting and he sorted it, it stopped being painful immediately!
He was really lovely to deal with. I would recommend.

Came to Ashlins today for part two of my colonic detox package I started 10 days ago. After this second treatment of the detox package can see a visible difference around my tummy lost about an inch and feel much better too. Claire was very professional and makes you feel at ease during the procedure. I would highly recommend Claire and the treatment.

I have not been coming to Ashlins for a long time; I have been suffering from bloating and irregular bowel movements. I booked an appointment with Claire for Colonic hydrotherapy, and the treatment worked. It was not as in intense as I thought it would be and I felt refresh at the end of the treatment. I would recommend even as a onetime experience, don’t believe the myth. The environment was relaxed and comfortable.

Jim Aberdein was very understanding of my anxieties and quickly helped me get back to normal. I was beginning to find it hard to think clearly, and getting anxious about silly things I wouldn't normally - I recognised the signs of stress. Having experienced the healing powers of hypnotherapy in the past I didn't hang around to wait for it to get worse and made an appointment with Jim. Jim listened to all my various issues and was able to help sort through them and show me ways to calm down. Over the course of three weeks (three appointments), I was feeling so much better, back in control.. and relaxed. Thank you Jim.

I have been coming for a couple of years to Ashlins, today i saw Claire for Colonic Hydrotherapy i wanted to feel less bloated and gain a better understanding of my digestive system. Claire is really helpful and i feel that she understands my needs and the correct way to help with them. The treatment will help as i had one before a while ago and i know now i need a regular course.

I saw Claire for colonic hydrotherapy. This was my second time doing the colonic and I don't feel the heaviness that I used to feel before the
treatment, I feel great. Claire was great chatting to me during the treatment and I felt more relaxed.

I came to see Achara for Herbal Medicine, i suffer with various different mental illnesses as well as anxiety, panic attacks, and bad health. i filled out an indepth consultation form and Achara gave me 2 hours of her time going through everything in detail with me so she had a clear picture of my history and my past and current lifestyle and what i wanted to get out of the treatment and where i wanted my life to go. She mixed up a unique 'magic potion' as i call it. since taking it i have instantly felt better for the last 8 months i woke up every morning with a crippling dread inside me, since i stared taking what Achara gave me every day since i have woken up feeling happy and contented, i have started getting my life back on track and people around me have noticed positive changes, as have I! I feel so passionately about this that i want to share this with everyone, i have gone from having regular panic attacks to none since. Thank you Achara xxx

I has the hot stone massage today by Rina and it was truly amazing. It exceeded any expection I had. I feel relieved of stress and totally relaxed and the warmth of the stones were lovely. Rina made me extremely comfortable and was so very welcoming towards me. Amazing service and great feeling, thank you

Thank you so much Sylwia! This was actually the best massage I've ever ever had. I feel so much better. My whole body was full of tension and soreness, and Sylwia methodically sorted out all of my worst spots.

First time visiting Ashlin's and 1st time for a hot stone massage- saw Rina for an hour I arrived as was greeted with nice smiles and helpful reception staff filled in a short questionnaire and then went upstairs for the massage. I have not had massage in over 12 months due to back issues, time and expense. Rina advised I was v stiff on back and she would not be able to help as much as she would have liked. It was a nice massage but not as great as had hoped due to stiffness Rina was v nice and advised deep tissue next time I book. Nice place would recommend.

I developed neck, shoulder and back pain from my exercise workout. I could not move my neck to look around for almost three days. I had a deep tissue appointment with Achara, the massage was amazing best I ever had. She loosened up my muscle and it was a completely relaxing treatment. I now have much better movement of my neck, my shoulder and back feel great. Will be send my friends and family here. Thanks so much.

The reason i had a massage today was to get rid of the knots i have. I saw Elizabeth and found her treatment to be very focused and responsive to what i asked for an d what my body asked for. Its the Best effective massage i have had in a very long time. Elizabeth is Very very very good skilled, powerful and responsive. I would highly recommend her. Been coming to Ashlins for 2 years.

I've been suffering from Herniated Disc and Sciatica for a year and since I've been seeing Petra and Sylvia for the last four months my health, mind and the way I look after my body have totally changed. Not only what you get the best service they both do; they help you connect with your body mind and soul. My pain has improved from 90% to 10%. I know I will be pain free in time and will never stop seeing this two lovely ladies for sure. I hghly recommend both of them. Love you guys.

I was very disabled by pain from my lower back. I'd been recommended by my partner to check out Petra Moxley to help me get the problem sorted out. I was sceptical. Too often in the past I'd felt that the therapist I was seeing saw me and my symptoms as a form of cash cow with little or modest improvements being realised over the weeks.

Not so with Petra.

While she was determined I saw my first appointment and any results enjoyed as being temporary, I walked back to my car that night like I was walking on air. Bonus. But of bitter experience, I knew, as she said, the work was only beginning. But in what seemed an almost unfeasibly short time, what felt like grief-for-life started to get better with each session heaping goodness on progress. In no time at all I was walking with greater ease than I'd known in a very long time.

Petra is well informed and approaches her treatments taking a very wide and inclusive approach to achieving a good result. Her demeanour is at the same time business-like, decent and kind with a side-order of good fun and a laugh. She's the only practitioner in this therapy I've experienced complete trust in.

I decided to have chiropractic treatment after a prolonged period of discomfort and pain. Petra understood immediately what was causing the issue. After a few sessions I noticed a positive difference. I was able to continue activities within reason and was advised on a range of achievable changes that would help contribute to my overall health. Petra has helped me understand that my back problem is something that needs consistent care that can be managed on a day today basis. Medical professionals advise inactivity and pain killers. This is OK in the short term only and doesn’t address the root of the problem. Through treatments, Petra has got to know me and my lifestyle which enhances how she advises me. Above all Petra is caring, empathic and patient. She really has helped me through a painful condition in an effective and realistic way.

Came in today to have a deep tissue massage with Elizabeth on my lower back. It really did help she used Tiger balm with her deep tissue technique to help sooth my muscle tension. I felt really rejuvenated as a result. the treatment was excellent and i felt very relaxed throughout, asked questions regarding pressure, etc and gave me some aftercare stretches to do at home.

I had a deep tissue massage/reflexology session from Susan only recently and loved it. It was the first time I had treated myself to a massage, so i was quite shy.
I recommend going to Ashlins as they make you feel comfortable and are 100% professional.

Came in today to see Sylwia after my son had recommended her. I had a fabulous treatment. I had a wonderful massage, during it I felt like everything was clearing away. At the end of the massage I felt like my body was healed and rested. I would most definitely recommend her.

Isabelle is fantastic. She has looked after me so well, and helped rebalance an overly stressed body. Treatment with her is thorough and calming.

I can't remember the last time I had a proper massage so I thought I would give Ashlins a go and see if someone might be able to help me with my tense neck and shoulders. i was lucky enough to to be assigned to Rina Juwaheer who did an excellent job on my back and neck. After just one session I already feel amazing and much less tense (actually i don't feel tense at all!). Rina was so warm, friendly and welcoming to me, she helped me feel completely at ease and comfortable. Already looking forward to my next session in a few weeks time.

I have been suffering from chronic tendonosis & tendinitis in both elbows aswell as hip pain from a twisted pelvis for some years now. I have seen different massage therapists and osteopaths over the last 2 years but I can honestly say after just one session with Sylwia Lekan, nobody as got as deep into my muscles as she did.
Sylwia is vey professional and proficient at her job and gave me the right amount of force and pressure in the places I needed it most.
Will definitely be seeing her again and would highly recommend her.
Thank you so much Sylwia!

First time coming to Ashlins I was booked with Katrina, I came in with muscle cramps and aching left feeling so much better. Its probably the BEST massage i've ever had. Highly recommend katrina.

I have came in today with back and shoulder pain and I saw Susan. The treatment was amazing she has strong hands and puts pressure in the right area. I will definitely come back
thank you!

Elizabeth has really great skill, her therapeutic massages are great and relaxing. I would highly recommend her.

I have been seeing Odette regularly since undergoing IVF and I have found each session to be so beneficial. It alleviated the side effects from the medicines I had to take for the IVF, and also I found her knowledge of wider Chinese medicine (for diet/lifestyle advice) really helpful throughout.

I fell pregnant on the first round of treatment and having taken over four years to do so I feel this is in large part thanks to the support of the acupuncture sessions I had with Odette. Her empathy and understanding is a key part of why each session is enjoyable and relaxing.

It has gone on to help me still in pregnancy - to manage nausea, and increase my energy levels. I hadn't originally intended to continue with the treatment, but all the positive aspects I've experienced changed my mind!

I've been coming to see Kay for a couple of years now for various treatments - deep tissue, head massage and massages. I book long sessions with Kay and I've always been very pleased with my sessions. The sessions help relieve stress and general muscle tensions.
Thanks Kay. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to my next session!


I was recommended by a friend to use the services at Ashlins as he is a frequent client there.

I was very amazed by the warm welcome and expertise of the staff.

I booked in for a deep tissue massage With Kay. Who briefed me and made me feel at ease as to what I needed.

The massage was perfect covered the main areas I wanted treated, left me feeling very relaxed and happy

I would highly recommend a massage with Kay

Today is a follow up on last week’s balance and well-being of the whole system. The treatment feels good in my body and helps me relax. I am aware of how my body functions and I felt I needed a treatment to balance my system and I chose a session in reflexology. I have not been disappointed; my body feels relaxed and good.

I have cerebral palsy in both legs so it is fantastic to have a treatment to relieve muscle tightness in my body. I have been to other places before coming to Ashlins and Elizabeth is by far the best I have seen, My legs feel much more relaxed and my whole posture has improved. I couldn’t recommend them more, especially Elizabeth.

Came into to see Sylwia today all I can say is that she is a genius, and thank you. I highly recommend Sylwia.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 20 years over the last few years I have been seeing Sylwia. She is very knowledgeable and professional, I see her every 6-8 weeks to help maintain a healthy muscle alignment, she is always a pleasure to visit.

Came in for Sports injury massage with Sylwia to help with suppling of the muscles. It was a very positive experience and will come back very soon.

I booked an appointment with Sylwia for deep tissue to help me de-stress and help with the aches in my shoulder. The treatment was excellent as always. Today I was so relaxed I put my shoes on before my jeans! Really good massage technique helps me relax and de-stress. I highly recommend her services.

I have been coming for six months to have a relaxing but deep tissue massage with Sylwia and it's always very good. I highly recommend.

Had a problem with my knee during winter '15. It slowly got worse as time went on, I thought I had strained it in some way but then my whole left leg started to be affected.

I booked an appointment with Sylwia. She was very good always checking pressure levels and making sure I wasn't in pain. At the end she explained what had happened and what I can do to minimise chances of it happening again. I have been given aftercare advice and exercise and was very pleased with the results, I have lost the restriction to my knee movements! Highly Recommend.

I had a deep tissue massage with Rina as I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain possibly due to my posture at work. I found the treatment really relaxing but due to the tension in my shoulder a little painful, but I know tomorrow I'll feel like an angel. Rina is a muscle magician.

I came to try Accupunture and massage combination with Odette to help me manage my stress levels. After my first treatment I felt so relaxed. I highly recommend this combination and Odette.

Reflexology with Kay is divine, it is an hour of total relaxation and stress relief. It has really helped to calm and soothe my anxiety.
I would totally recommend her as a therapist

I suffer from fibromyalgia and muscle stiffness I was introduced to this clinic by my son-in-law who is a regular at the company. I saw Bohdan and the treatment was excellent, at the end of the treatment the pain was completely gone, my muscles were all relaxed.

This is the best therapy session I have ever had. Bohdan is an excellent therapist he is very skilled and knows exactly how to treat each group of muscles. He appears to have an exceptional background of clinical knowledge and was able to offer precise and accurate advice. I would highly recommend Bohdan.

I come see Sylwia because I suffer from fibromyalgia, every so often it flares up and this treatment helps me greatly. The deep tissue massage she provides is always amazing. She does my body a world of good. I have been coming to Ashlins for many years and would highly recommend her.

I suffered from muscle tension in my neck and back and was booked with Sylwia for massage. She helped me greatly. She is really kind and helpful and put me at ease, it was a great session - thank you.

I had just 30 minutes to spare for a pain neck and shoulder massage and I felt the pain ease straight away. Sylwia was very friendly, helpful and informative. I would recommend her to others.

I have had various treatments in the past 2 years all have been beneficial. Today I saw Elizabeth for aromatherapy massage. It was amazing! It was just what I needed. She listened to my needs and found what I needed. She is very professional and one of the best therapist I have come across.

My first time to this clinic and I had been suffering from neck and back pain. Had a deep tissue massage with Rina and it really helped. I feel so relaxed now. My neck is so much better. The pain has gone and feels brand new. The pressure was excellent, it's the best massage I have ever had.

I had a hot stone and facial massage with Rina today. It was a birthday treat and it helped so much. The stress has gone in my muscles and I feel so relaxed. Rina was so lovely, I would highly recommend her to others.

I had a very bad neck and shoulder/back pain on the right side. Sylwia said it was a trapped nerve. The treatment she provided really helped. The pain in my neck and shoulder has eased up and I can move my neck more freely again. Sylwia is a fantastic therapist. She used just the right amount of pressure and instinctively knows which areas need more work. I have been coming to Ashlins for about eight years and would recommend Sylwia to others.

Today I saw Sylwia for an hour deep tissue massage. Initially I had a colonic and saw that Ashlins offered deep tissue massage service.

I wanted to focus on my limited neck movement and to increase mobility in my back. Also to provide myself with a little “me” time. This treatment has helped me 100% and continues to help! Sylwia provides me with the information when asked and is silent and consistently focused on my treatment.

I leave totally relaxed after the treatment, some parts of the treatment can be a challenge as I have some areas that need a lot of work but with the verbal communication between us and how she takes direction from my physical response during the treatment, I feel like I’m in professional hands and would highly recommend to others.

After my initial batch of treatments I try to see Sylwia every two to four weeks, as I have felt so many benefits in so many ways on so many levels, I feel greater flexibility in my body my back and neck discomfort has gone and my mental wellbeing and perception of my body health has improved dramatically.

I would highly recommend Sylwia, she has helped me a lot.

I was suffering from chronic scoliosis back pain when I met Paul but was a little sceptical having never heard of the Mctimoney chiropractic method. But, 3 treatments later I had noticed a marked difference & by the fifth treatment pain had gone.

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. Not only is he a good chiropractor but he listens & gives good advice which is why I shall continue a 3 monthly maintenance program with Paul.

I discovered Ashlins 6 month ago. I went there for massage for stress and pain relief. It was extremely helpful and removed my pain in my legs and arms.
I'm very grateful for this treatment- it was relaxing and helped with the stress.

I've been coming to Ashlins for 2 years and have my deep tissue massages with Rina. She helps me to relax and release my tension. Today's massage was fantastic - can't wait for the next time.

I came to Ashlins for my first time, never had a massage before and I thought it would be helpful with stress, aches and pains. I saw Rina for my massage. She was really friendly and professional, very welcoming. The massage was amazing. I could feel the benefit straight away. I'm coming back for sure.

I have sciatica and I see the osteopath at Ashlins, Sarah Oliver- Excellent!!!! I'd recommend Sarah to everyone. She is friendly, efficient, professional and effective.
I have had the treatment for a few weeks and my problem is getting much better!

I have been receiving a chiropody treatment at Ashlins for general maintenance of my feet. It has helped me with corns and hard skin , the treatment was great and the information I received was very useful.

I saw Achara for a herbal consultation. I have always suffered from hay fever year in year out since I was a child. I decided to try something effective that wasn't steroid based. Achara was great. She went through historical and current conditions so she could tailor a herbal mix to help my body cope in spring. So far its working and I will go back to her in winter as prone to catching colds as well.

I had sore shoulders from carrying bags all week, they were really starting to seize up, also leading to neck pain. Achara used a combination of techniques. I was very tender in the shoulder and Achara checked with me each time to get the pressure just right. The massage was both relaxing and firm enough to release the tension. I feel great now!

Had a deep tissue massage with Achara to help relieve all the muscle tension that has built up. The treatment was fantastic, my body feels less tense and the knots have gone away. Achara is very friendly therapist and cares about your body and concerns, then focuses her attention to them.

I have had a recurring pain in my neck and shoulder for years. I saw Rina today and she loosened the muscle, relieved the pain, helped me feel relaxed and made me feel amazing! In the past I have seen two different physios and other massage therapist at other locations they tried but failed, Rina succeeded! Highly recommend.

Today I came for a relaxing massage with Achara. The treatment helped to relieve a lot of tension in my back. Achara is a friendly therapist, she listened to my concerns regarding my back. She is definitely really good at what she does and I would highly recommend her.

Rina has all the qualities of a really good masseuse. One of the things her bio says is that she works with the client to find what they need and this is certainly true, in my experience this is a rare and wonderful thing. Over time we have been working together on some particular difficulties in my legs and it feels like a genuine collaboration between us. She adapts her skills of co-ordination, dexterity and appropriate pressure to what is needed in the moment, This makes what she does feel like a genuinely effective therapeutic process. I highly recommend her.

Ian C

I was reffered to see Rita by my sister who has had a few health issues since her early 20s and noticed excellent results. Furthermore my Baby niece also has remedies to treat her teething and i've got to say its provided amazing results. I've been seeing Rita since March and shes so professional and really listens to you. Feels like your talking to a friend. I feel better and alot stronger than before. Highly recommend seeing Rita for Herbal Remedies.

I have had various massages here at Ashlins from Therapeutic , deep tissue , indian Head massage and the best has been the Thai Combination Massage perfect and I have used Katrina on many occasions she is great. Highly recommend Ashlins , value for money , nice location and the rooms are relaxing and you leave feeling you got what you paid for . Also the reception staff are great and very friendly too.I will always use Ashlins and I have booked family members in for birthday gifts massages in the past and they love it too.Thank you for a great service.

I would urge anyone who has never had a colonic before to get it done asap!!!! Whether it would be to cleanse your body for the first time!! Or if u suffer with consirpation like me.
I starting to receive colonics about 10 years ago, u will not believe the results and u feel like a new person.... Even the following day. Claire is so amazing, she cares, is very professional with her work and takes the time to talk to u and give you some extra tips on food and life style changes that will help u along the way. Thank you Claire xo

I had Acupuncture today with Lucie, I had been previously as I have been suffering from lack of sleep, morning sickness also back and groin ache. After last Monday's treatment I slept for 8 hours straight. This is the first proper sleep I have had since being pregnant! My morning sickness has reduced from 7 days a week to 4-5. I would recommend this treatment and Lucie.

I cannot rate Ashlins highly enough. I have been going to here for about 4 years for massages. I have seen different therapists, but usually try and see Rina. Every therapist I have seen has been excellent. Rina is amazing, but if she's not available I have booked in with Sylwia and recently Achara (hope I've spelt it right!) who was excellent. If I had the money I would be here every week!

Today i had an appointment with Sarah Oliver for an Osteopathy appointment for my sciatica, I had a short course of treatments over the last few weeks and i already feel a lot of improvement. I think Sarah is excellent and would recommend her to anyone. She is friendly, efficient, professional and effective.

Today I had a Thai combination massage, this was to help me relax from the stress and knots I was having. The treatment was absolutely amazing Achara used a good amount of force to relieve my knots and stretch my body I am left feeling extremely relaxed and restful. Achara was very welcoming and made me feel at ease, she is amazing and I look forward to another Thai combination massage.

Today I saw Tim Hawes for a chiropody treatment. I have Dry skin callouses and apparently a Fungal nail infection. After the treatment I felt so much better. All the dry skin has been removed from many areas and a few that I didn't even notice. He took time to treat my fungal infection. Tim is a very knowledgeable therapist. He was very gentle treating my feet, he also gave me lots of advice in regards to my health issues. He is very professional and I highly recommend him.

I come today to have a revisit with Rina. She is really good! I saw her originally because I had an aching body; had knots everywhere. After every treatment I have with her I feel so much better. Now I see her to get rid of small knots and relax. I would definitely recommend Rina.

I wanted to have a treatment to help me during a very stressful time, I was feeling down, tired, full of tension. my body and mind needed to relax. I was booked for Thai combination massage and foot massage, and it helped me a lot. My back feels so much better and my mood feels lighter, all my muscles are relaxed. I received very good information from Achara regarding the use of essential oils and herbs in helping me during my mourning process.

I had a deep tissue massage with Mike, it was amazing, I feel so much better now. He got rid of so much tension and muscle pain. I was downright floating afterwards.

Had a treatment with Sylwia to help with the tensions I Had in my shoulder. It was causing a constant headaches and I couldn't really concentrate. After the first 15 minutes all of the headache was gone and she spent the rest of the time working on my back, neck and shoulders. I felt so much better afterwards. She recommended some stretches I could try to help reduce the tension. Great therapist will see again

I booked a massage with Mike today as I was having headaches and discomfort due to tension in my shoulders and neck. After the treatment I feel 100% better; relaxed, looser, taller and much brighter in mood. Mike was great, he tailored the massage to exactly what I needed.

Came in for a deep tissue massage with Rina for my back pain, the treatment helped immediately even though the real effect will be felt the next day. Rina is the best Massage therapist I have ever visited. I go to her regularly and would not go anywhere else.

I came in to have a Thai Yoga session with Achara to help with stress. The treatment was very relaxing and all my muscles feel stretched out. It was a real treat and I feel wonderful.

I had an appointment today for a chiropody treatment to help with general things and I found the treatment most beneficial. Kibri was warm and welcoming, while carrying out the treatment in a professional and competent way; I felt pampered.

I have been booking sport massage sessions with Sylwia as part of my preparation to run the London marathon. I returned today for a recovery session after running my personal best in my 5th Marathon at 4:01:52.

I felt great and these sessions really helped my body prepare for the marathon. Sylwia is very professional and friendly. Many thanks to her and the reception staff in particular Deborah who always makes me feel welcome and made the waiting time for the treatment enjoyable. I'm glad I had these sessions.

Had an appointment with Achara, to have a massage to help with painful tight shoulders. The treatment really helped. I'll be back again, it was fantastic!

Had an appointment with Rina for a massage to help with my marathon training muscle tension build up and the sessions have helped. I feel loosened all over and I'm ready to come back for more.

I had a massage booked with Rina to help with my stiff lower back. She is an excellent therapist; my back feels better already.

I came in for a birthday treat from my friends and I was booked in with Rina for a deep tissue massage. The treatment was amazing, I was holding a lot of tension on my lower back, shoulders, neck and hips I already feel light and loose from the massage. Rina is such a lovely therapist. She's very easy to talk to and has given me the best ever deep tissue massage that I have ever had.

Had an appointment for a full body massage to help with general stiffness caused by running. The treatment did help me and I thought Rina was fantastic.

I came in for a massage to help with my aching muscles particularly my back and legs, I was booked to see Sylwia and the treatment worked wonders. I feel so much better after the treatment, this treatment has really benefited me and I know where to go for treatments in future.

I went in to have a sports massage with Bohdan, I been training a lot recently and my muscles have become tight. He has a nice approach to massage. He also gave me exercises to do which are very helpful.

Quite possibly the best massage I've ever had anywhere in the world!

i came for a massage to help with my tension and tiredness, i saw Achara she was so good she gave me a light and very relaxing massage just what i needed.

I came in to have my shoulder and back pain seen to and saw Achara for thai combination massage, my first session with her was great she helped me relax and wasn't too rough. My muscles feel a lot looser and I look forward to further sessions.

I was feeling stressed and a bit of an ache on my upper back, I tried Thai-combination massage with Achara it really worked. I feel very relaxed and pain free. I highly recommend trying Thai-combination massage.

Achara is very good, she gave me a very deep tissue massage and I feel like a new woman. I would definitely recommend her!

Just had a wonderful massage with Achara. Her unique style combines pressure techniques with oil work and she uses fantastic herbal oils which she makes herself. One of the best massages I have had and I will certainly be booking again soon.

The reason i had colonic hydrotherapy treatment was because I was feeling sluggish and a bit unwell this treatment always makes me feel better. The cramps I had been suffering from for weeks are gone and the probiotic information from Claire was extremely beneficial. I have been seeing Claire for 10 years and would not go anywhere else, her knowledge and professionalism during the treatment is second to none.

I see Bodhan for deep tissue massage for my shoulder and back I find his treatments help my tensed muscle relax. It was a really good treatment. Thank you!

I see Rina for a course of treatments to help relax and lengthen the muscles in my thighs, calves and hips. I come for deep tissue sessions and they are intense but that's due to lack of flexibility. I find them very useful.

I have had a few deep tissue massage treatments with Rina and I find them very useful as I had a lot of tension in my neck and back. I feel so much better more supple and less tense the pain I had is gone. No pain no gain - it is a wonderful course of treatments Thank you!

I came in for a deep tissue massage to sort out my sore neck and upper back. It was my first time coming to Ashlins, the treatment was very excellent it specially targeted my problems areas releasing all soreness from my tight knots. I like Rina as she was very friendly which immediately put me at ease. I am definitely coming back for Rina's hot stone massage.

I came in with a bad back and I saw Bohdan, he is a really good therapist and he listens to your problems and explains what he is going to do before delivering the treatment. I found that the treatment really useful and it helped with my tensed muscles. I felt very relaxed afterwards. I really recommend Bohdan and his treatments.

I had tightness in my calf muscles from the running I took up recently. I saw Sylwia who helped not only relieve the pain but also questioned my life style and gave me some stretches to do before and after which I look forward to trying. I recommend seeing Sylwia as I found her to be very helpful.

I came to see Adriana as I needed to relax. She was very professional and gave me after care advice to help change my stress and stretches to help maintain a well being. I recommend Adriana; I had a great treatment with her.

I came in for a deep tissue massage with Bohdan for the first time, I have been coming to Ashlins for four years now. Bohdan was able to use his experience to assess where the problem was and focused on providing immediate relief, I came out feeling much better than when I went in. Bohdan definitely has the patient's well being at the forefront of his mind.

I had a few ear candling sessions with Rina last year and she completely sorted out my blocked ears that the doctor recommended to get irrigated, which I didn't really want to do as I find the idea of it quite scary and invasive. I went back to the doctor afterwards and the blockage/earwax was completely gone 🙂 Very happy! And it's so relaxing too.

At the moment I am seeing Sarah, the osteopath: I have started feeling better after the first appointment and I have already booked a second one!
I'm very happy with the treatment: Sarah explains in detail what she is going to do during the session, and gives you advice about stretches that you can do in between sessions to improve the condition.
She already treated me very effectively two years ago: I definitely recommend her!

I was physically and emotionally exhausted and I felt 100% better after treatment with Bohdan! He is a highly knowledgeable and a skilled masseuse. Highly recommending him.

I had a great treatment with Bohdan today in Ashlins. It was very lovely

I had a fantastic sports massage with Delene Gordon today and she has released lots of tension. Very knowledgeable and thorough massage. Thank you Delene!

I have seen many therapists at Ashlins (massage, chiropractic, chiropodist, beautician) in the last year and all of them are brilliant, very professional staff and friendly reception. Great place to rejuvenate and bring some relaxation to your life. Always recommending to all my friends and family! 10 out of 10!

I had a fantastic massage experience with Rina today, I couldn't move my arm and she made me feel great straight away. She is the best for me and I will surely come back. It was lovely, brilliant and great job Rina, I will surely have a good sleep tonight.

I saw Adriana for Deep Tissue massage today. I had a terrible headache and couldn't really move my shoulders as they were very stiff. I felt much better after the massage. Adriana got rid of my tension and headache very quicky. I have been coming to Ashlins for 15 years and would always recommend any therapist and treatment to anyone with any problem!

I've had huge knots in my shoulders and a stiff lower back for many years now and have been to several therapists across London to try to relieve the problems. After only 2 sessions with Bohdan there has already been a huge improvement. Not only is he very good at pinpointing the exact trouble spot and gently relieving the tension but he also enquires about your lifestyle to see whether it’s possible to make small changes to prevent problems reoccurring. If you are looking for an excellent massage therapist then I highly recommend Bohdan.

I have been coming to Aislins intermittently for years- they have some of the best massage therapists I have encountered. I would normally see Susan who is a superb massuese. At my last visit, a few weeks ago, I had a deep tissue massage for the first time with Bohdan Augustyniak and wanted to say that he was fantastic. My shoulders felt so loose and he really helped my sciatica in my leg. Would definitely recommend Bohdan- particularly if you require a deep tissue massage. Plus got 1 hour for the price of 45mins! I will be back 🙂

Twice now I have limped into Ashlins in great pain and with reduced mobility (once lower back second time hamstring problems) both times Petra the chiropractor, has helped me to walk out and reduce my pain over a few treatments to zero giving me back full mobility. She has never given more treatments than was necessary - an integrity I really appreciate. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone suffering from pain and reduced mobility.
The last time she advised me to complete treatment with a deep massage from Mike - who has continued to give me my mobility. When I took this problem to the doctor he measured me for a walking stick!! I am pain free and walk without a stick.
Deep thanks to Petra and Mike.

I recently pulled my neck muscle while doing heavy weight training, it was the first time I had a injury while working out which got me worried if my neck was fractured or worse, so I needed someone to check it out. I could not get an appointment to see my GP (no surprise), I called Ashlins to see if they could help. The lovely lady at the phone booked me in for a consultation with the Osteopath same day. I came in and met Dermott Earley. During the consultation, he was very professional and friendly, everything was explained thoroughly. I'm extremely grateful for the time he spent (over an hour with no charge) and would definitely recommend Ashlins to everyone. Thanks!

I have been coming to Ashlins for over a year now. I usually have a deep tissue massage mainly on my neck back and shoulders. It helps me to relax and get to sleep easier. I saw Bohdan today and he was fantastic. He was able to find all the knots and get rid of them, very happy with the treatment!

I have been coming to Ashlins on and off for years. Today I had a deep tissue massage to help with my neck pain and shoulder tension. I can feel the improvement; the knots are less painful and I feel much better. Sylwia and all the other therapist I've seen over the years at Ashlins have all been very professional, helpful and friendly. I'd recommend Sylwia and Ashlins in general as a great place to get help.

I had a Thai Yoga Massage with Mike Sullivan. It was really great, I feel very relaxed. The pains I had are much less and I feel on the road to recovery. Mike is a very 'present', conscious therapist, he made me feel relaxed so I could benefit from the treatment.

Two years after a bereavement I found that I was getting constant headaches and feeling light-headed all the time. After a wonderful massage with Katrina, she suggested that Kinesiology may help to release some of the trapped emotion and tensions I was feeling. I saw Ed, and within a week the headaches had reduced dramatically, and I was feeling much more clear-headed and focussed.

Note - please pass to Ed, as I know he has someone with similar circumstances who may benefit from Kinesiology. I could write something more detailed if appropriate?

I've been a client of Ashlins for around 10 years. I have been seeing few therapists but since I had massage with Sylwia I don't need to see others. She always make a treatment bespoke to my actual state of health and well being. She is very friendly and always helpful.

I have been seeing Sylwia for over two years, since 4 months I am seeing her to ease my pain from sciatica and pain in my lower back. She is really good. Both her massage technique and skills are working on me great. I am definitely making recovery. Would highly recommend; great all round service.

I have been a customer since April 2014 due to my sports injury from playing football. I had to miss a few days from work because I could not walk. Thanks to Sylwia Lekan I am now able to run, cycle and climb the stairs without pain. I strained the ligament around my knee joint in 2011. I did therapy and it improved. It worsened this year. I was recommended to Ashlins and Sylwia where I have getting excellent treatment. I am now able to walk and run. I am like new. Personally I will be coming at least once every three months, even though I am pain free because the therapy is also helps with relaxation.

Had a massage with Sylwia to help with my tense stiff shoulders enjoyed it a lot I can already feel the difference. Recommend to anyone, looking forward to results.

I had Ear Candling today with Rina because of my blocked Sinus. I feel relieved of congestion and I felt very relaxed during the treatment. Rina is very good and very friendly. A talented therapist who understands client's needs! I would highly recommend Ashlins and all therapists.

I had Signature Facial by Yasmin today in Ashlins and she was lovely as always. She is very experienced therapist. She improved my skin condition and advised me on what should I do to keep it looking good.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 13 years and today I had Signature Facial by Yasmin. It is very relaxing and informative. Products that are used are all natural and are all made by the therapist. It feels lovely!

It was my first visit in Ashlins and I have seen Rina for back massage. I was very knotted and now I feel very relaxed.

I am a long term client at Ashlins- about 7 to 10 years. I have been seeing Jane for aromatherapy every few months. It helps me on many levels and I really appreciate the whole treatment.

I have been a customer at Ashlins for 1 month and I have seen Yasmin for massage and she got rid of all my knots and stress that I came with! It was lovely

Rina delivered a 10 out of 10 first class deep tissue massage, she applied a lot of pressure which was exactly what I was looking for, it was by far the best massage I have ever had and definitely worth it. Can't wait to go back!

It was my first visit in Ashlins. I have seen Rina for therapeutic massage. I will recommend Rina definitely as I was feeling really great afterwards.

I had head massage with Petya, it was sooo! good! I am very very happy!

Although it was my first treatment I am happy with everything and I can feel positive effects. Sarah, the osteopath, is really good! I booked my next session already!

I am a long time client. I am seeing Tatina for deep tissue.
She is simply the best! Always coming out feeling great!

I was suffering from sciatica and Mike helped me to ease the pain. I will come back again very soon. That was my first visit in the clinic. Very friendly people around.

Treatment with Michelle helped me a lot, I feel relieved from tension.

I have seen Claire just to try out the colonic hydrotherapy and I really feel lighter and happier about myself!

Was seeing Petya yesterday and I found her treatment very very relaxing! I will see her again soon!

Claire was absolutely wonderful !! She explained the process step by step. Throughout the treatment she explained what will happened next. Was very supportive and patient.

I have been suffering from constant pain in my lower abdomen accompanied by a constant ache. When I left after this treatment the ache was minimal. I have booked the 10 day detox treatment, which involves another treatment in 10 days. I was also given a course of treatments to take to assist my cleansing. Would highly recommend! I feel great!

I found Colonic Hydrotherapy very helpful and it helped me a lot with my digestive system. I am seeing Claire since one month and she is really great.

I have been a client for Ashlins well over 10 years and I have seen during that period Michelle, Eddie, Yuko, Claire, Dympna and Tatina. I had Colonic hydrotherapy, kinesiology, reflexology, aromatherapy massage. I enjoy coming here and have those treatments, It helped me a lot with my well being.

I live in Walthamstow and came to Ashlins on my first appointment for a relaxing massage. I was booked in with Sylwia and I had a pleasantly fantastic massage and will see her again in future.

I was not able to breathe without it hurting. I felt completely different when I left. Would highly recommend Rina

I have been coming to Ashlins for more than a year, i have deep tissue massages with Sylwia as it helps when my back gets really tight and that's why I come repeatedly to ease the tightness and sore away the stresses.

I have seen Petra for McTimoney Chiropractic treatment and she was very well understanding my problem, she listened to all my problems and gave me health advice that will change my lifestyle for the better. She corrected my posture and I feel much more straight than before! I have also seen Rina for a massage and her professional hands made me feel much much better. She is a tough lady, but she knows how to get rid of tension.

I had a 45min appointment today (7/1/14) with Jane for a back and neck massage. My entire back is pretty messed up, and although I found it sore during and after treatment, it feels so much better. I was a new client but will definitely be returning. So grateful such a great health centre is at the end of my road.

I have been coming to Ashlins for about two months. I decided to try facial rejuvenation treatment as I wanted my skin to be the best it can be; firm, relaxed, glowing and wrinkle free. It was amazing... out of this world! I have never felt so relaxed to the point where I totally zoned out. I feel amazing and this is my first session so I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks. Rina is such an amazing therapist I have enjoyed every session with her and its changed my life for the better and I'm always looking forward to my next treatment.

Came in with my friend for a treat, I had the Hot stone massage with Rina it was very relaxing and helped release some tension. I enjoyed a lot.

Came in for a girly treat with my friend, I saw Sylwia for a deep tissue massage, I had lots of tension in my neck and back and Sylwia cleared it up perfectly, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at Ashlins.

I came in to have a relaxing treatment just to unwind. I saw Rina and the treatment was very nice and very relaxing she was great.

I have a flatulence and constipation problem. I saw Claire for colonic hydrotherapy. I felt light and lots of air came out. It was much a better treatment than I originally thought. I felt so relaxed during and after the treatment. I'll be coming back again.

I booked in to see Claire for Colonic hydrotherapy to help with my indigestion and constipation. I found the treatment helped to reduce the toxins I had built up over time and the advice she gave me about diet and introducing fruit and veg juices into my diet has helped me lose a few pounds and feel a lot better after my second visit.

I came in to see Kibri about the weakening of both feet as well as my posture, I found the treatment great and the information she gave me very useful.

I came to Ashlins for a treat! I had hot stones and facial rejuvenating with Rina. It was absolutely amazing, feel 10 years younger!!!

I had Thai Yoga massage, to relax and to have a body stretch. I had it with Katrina, she is a very good therapist, she was quickly in tune with what I needed in the treatment. I feel totally relaxed, peaceful and up lifted.

I booked a full body massage as a treat for my wife. We will definetly do it again

Today I came to see Rina for deep tissue massage, I had a trapped nerve and stress. The treatment helped me a lot! Back pain evaporated and I got very relaxed. I will make future appointments with Rina, as she did a great job.

I have been coming to Ashlins for 12 years now, I received regular massage as my health routine with Tatina, she's got gold hands! Tatina always lifts me up with her energy, and spots the problem immediately.

My deep tissue massage with Rina was just wonderful....

I had massage with Rina today. she managed to released a lot of tension, in only 30 minutes!

I came to Ashlins to see Sarah, for osteopathy, I had lower back pain. The treatment made able to move around again. Pretty pain free!

I had back and I have a disc problem too. Did the treatment help? Yes indeed! it made the pain go away. Mike is a wonderful, professional and friendly therapist. I'm coming back for sure, I really appreciate the help.

Today I had deep tissue massage with Mike.Stressed... Now, definitely relaxed!

Today I saw Katrina for deep tissue massage. I was having stress, and tension in my back and neck. The treatment did help as I will having another massage soon.

I came for abdominal massage, it was very, very relaxing... Susan was helpful and caring.

I was so stressed... didn't have a massage since 2006 came to Ashlins, saw Rina, and felt so different, didn't think I'd feel this way. Excellent! I will be back

I feel 100% improved after my chiropractic treatment with Paul! It was very nice to meet the staff at Ashlins too.

I was suffering from discomfort in lower back, so I went to Ashlins to see Paul for a chiropractic treatment, he gave me very information in a very professional manner. Definitely,it feel eased.

Today I came to see Claire, for hydrotherapy, to clear out my colon and to improve my health. and yes! it helped bowel movement. the treatment did what it said it'd do.

Both me and my wife came in to see Rina for facial rejuvenation and we both definitely felt a difference. Full marks all round.

I opted to try hot stone massage to help my tight shoulders, Rina was brilliant the pressure and advice was great, i'm able to move a lot easier now.

I had an appointment with Jane to have my back and neck pain as well as water retention seen to. After the treatment I feel absolutely released from all of the pain and I can move freely again. I hope to have a good night sleep today. The service and advice were excellent.

I came to Ashlins because of my leg and knee pain. I saw Sarah for osteopathy, I found her very professional in her work and very dedicated. She explains everything she is going to do and makes you feel relaxed. I am glad I was recommended to Sarah from a neighbour. After this treatment I feel like I'm walking on air, it's well worth the money.

I came to see Jane Hickson for an abdominal massage as i have food intolerance/ IBS, after my treatment my stomach felt a lot more relaxed and i felt that Jane was very thorough and honest.

I came in to try Ayurvedic Foot Massage my aim was to have a relaxing treatment. i found the treatment very relaxing and helpful, my feet felt much better and Rina was very friendly and helpful.

I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy because of my bloating. The staff were very welcoming and after the treatment I immediately noticed less bloating and felt revitalised.

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