Claire Smith

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MACH, GRT, Diploma of Colon Hydrotherapy

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Achara, Herbal Medicine in E17

Claire (MACH, GRT, Diploma of Colon Hydrotherapy) joined the Ashlins team in 2000 and has been offering Colonic Hydrotherapy and Detox programmes since 2005.

She undertakes regular ongoing training and is a member of the leading governing body ARCH and also the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies.

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I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy and I must say it was amazing. It relieved me immediately and I will strongly suggest everyone to consider this treatment. Claire was so lovely and welcoming and did her best to ensure I was at ease. The whole place was also very clean

Today I saw Claire for the second part of my ten day detox. It was first class, I love the peppermint belly rub part on the second visit. The treatment is so relaxing. It can be a bit deep but I felt really good afterwards. The whole detox package has really helped me over the last 10 days, it triggered my intent to improve my diet and wellbeing. Thank you Claire.

I would urge anyone who has never had a colonic before to get it done asap!!!! Whether it would be to cleanse your body for the first time!! Or if u suffer with consirpation like me.
I starting to receive colonics about 10 years ago, u will not believe the results and u feel like a new person.... Even the following day. Claire is so amazing, she cares, is very professional with her work and takes the time to talk to u and give you some extra tips on food and life style changes that will help u along the way. Thank you Claire xo

I have seen Claire just to try out the colonic hydrotherapy and I really feel lighter and happier about myself!

Claire was absolutely wonderful !! She explained the process step by step. Throughout the treatment she explained what will happened next. Was very supportive and patient.

I have been suffering from constant pain in my lower abdomen accompanied by a constant ache. When I left after this treatment the ache was minimal. I have booked the 10 day detox treatment, which involves another treatment in 10 days. I was also given a course of treatments to take to assist my cleansing. Would highly recommend! I feel great!

I found Colonic Hydrotherapy very helpful and it helped me a lot with my digestive system. I am seeing Claire since one month and she is really great.

I have been a client for Ashlins well over 10 years and I have seen during that period Michelle, Eddie, Yuko, Claire, Dympna and Tatina. I had Colonic hydrotherapy, kinesiology, reflexology, aromatherapy massage. I enjoy coming here and have those treatments, It helped me a lot with my well being.

I have a flatulence and constipation problem. I saw Claire for colonic hydrotherapy. I felt light and lots of air came out. It was much a better treatment than I originally thought. I felt so relaxed during and after the treatment. I'll be coming back again.

I booked in to see Claire for Colonic hydrotherapy to help with my indigestion and constipation. I found the treatment helped to reduce the toxins I had built up over time and the advice she gave me about diet and introducing fruit and veg juices into my diet has helped me lose a few pounds and feel a lot better after my second visit.

Today I came to see Claire, for hydrotherapy, to clear out my colon and to improve my health. and yes! it helped bowel movement. the treatment did what it said it'd do.

I came in to see Claire Smith for colonic hydrotherapy because of my bloating. The staff were very welcoming and after the treatment I immediately noticed less bloating and felt revitalised.


Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >

Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >

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