Verruca Needling

Verruca needling is a new, quick & effective treatment for verrucas available with our Podiatrists here at Ashlins.

Treatment involves a full ankle block in order to numb the foot.

A sterile dry needle is then used to continually puncture the verruca through to sub cutaneous tissue, introducing it to the blood stream and provoking an immune response.

The area is then sterile dressed and off loaded to reduce pressure on the area.

You’ll be seen again within three days to redress and check the affected area.

Final inspection is carried out 8 weeks later to establish resolution of the verruca.

Therapists at Ashlins

Tim and Kibri are our Podiatrists.  They are both HCPC registered. 

Book an appointment by calling 020 8520 5268 


How much does it cost?

 Verruca Needling is £200 for a 1 hour appointment, and includes follow up appointments for redressing.


To make an appointment ring 020 8520 5268

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