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Alex Sergiu Grigore

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Level 4 Diploma Holistic Massage (Massage Training Institute 2020)

Professional Body:

MTI (massage training institute) registration number 6898780

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Alex Sergiu Grigore, Ashlins Natural health

Alex is a holistic massage therapist with an excellent track record treating many clients in London. His success is due to the fact that he tailors the treatment based on clients’ needs and requirements. Alex is qualified in Massage Therapy with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, he also holds an NVQ level 4 which allows him to offer short-term and long-term treatment plans depending on personal needs.

He understands that often, clients seek help when the discomfort becomes hard to live with, other times the main reason could be merely for relaxation purposes, either way, you are in good hands.

He is always eager to expand his knowledge and finds Reflexology Massage extremely fascinating and interesting.

He doesn’t treat clients who are under the age of 18.

Alex is registered with MTI(massage training institute) registration number 6898780

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Aggregate Review : All Reviews  4.9 out of 5 , 270 votes , 303 reviews

Alex, is highly professional, experienced and friendly,so much so that I recommended him to my mum, we both feel alot better and more relaxed, we 100% recommend him and will be returning.

Alex really understands the body and the muscular hot spots. He really has healing hands !

I couldn't be happier with Alex and how he treated my upper and lower back long-term issues. After the first session, my joints felt more supple, my muscles relaxed, and my pain decreased. As a bonus, my athletic performance improved dramatically. After a couple more sessions, my pain was completely gone. I have been seeing him for 8 months now, and I am already looking forward to our next session. Highly recommended!

Alex is an excellent therapist who has helped with my pain tremendously. I am more supple and happier. I would highly recommend Alex

I had been very unwell with a lot of body pain for some time. I had a two hour long session with Alex, and I had never felt more lighter and energetic. Alex was a very mindful and thoughtful massage therapist and I am definitely going back to him.

I had a deep tissue massage with Alex just recently and he was great. He is ever so efficient but gentle. Highly recommend

During the Christmas holidays the right hand side of my chest started to hurt really badly, I've been to the GP and he told me the reason might be because of coughing since it's the cold season, but I never had the cough so I assumed he didn't know what to say at this point. I went home upset, in pain and hopeless.

I saw Alex once last week, and after the consultation he explained me how the pain in an area could be originating from a different area. The treatment was great but the pain was still there to a certain extent, until it started to decrease and completely faded after 3 days.
After more than a week my pain hasn't come back, and I feel great

I came today to see Alex for pain and tension in my shoulders and lower back. I have been seeing Alex for three months now and his treatments have made a huge difference to reduce the pain and tension I've been feeling. Alex's treatment style is professional, instructive and supportive. I have learnt a lot from him and greatly appreciate the knowledge he shares. Highly recommend.

I had a deep tissue massage today to help with my neck and shoulders, my overall stress and built up tension. the treatment with Alex absolutely helped, very targeted and tailored treatment that alleviated the symptoms. he also shared his knowledge for future ways to stop this occurring. Thank you Alex you're always very meticulous and consultative i really appreciate everything you share!

I had another treatment of Myofascial with Alex today, i have it for continuous maintenance from my health issues. Alex is always helping with the release of tension in my neck, shoulders and back which is also relieving and headaches i have. The treatment definitely helps. Emotionally its a great stress relief and lowers the muscle tension in my body physically releasing the knots and tight areas deep within the muscle. Alex is a wonderful therapist very intuitive and sensitive to what my body needs on the day. He provides wonderful advice for outside of my treatment including exercise and nutrition. He is invested in my healing with great care which is wonderful. I would definitely recommend Alex.

The treatment i had from Alex was the best i ever had. Had pain in the middle and lower back he absolutely helped with the pain. He was very specific to the problem areas with perfect pressure throughout. He is the nicest guy felt really at ease and even extended by an hour because he was so good which i have never done before.

Today I had a deep tissue massage with Alex it was a gift but i was also suffering from shoulder pain. After the treatment i feel 100% better i feel calmer and don't feel tension in my back or shoulder feeling very relaxed. Alex was professional and experienced i would definitely recommend him again.

Alex is very knowledgeable and a great therapist. The treatment was amazing, and the atmosphere very pleasant.

I booked a Deep tissue massage with a headache combination to help reduce the tension in my neck and shoulders, and generally to relieve some muscle soreness.
The diagnostic questions were really thorough and the massage was absolutely great! Perfect alternation from deep pressure to gentle, it felt amazing on the neck where most of my tension is located.
I would happily see Alex again in the future.

I enjoyed my massage very much!!
Incredibly relaxing on those tense areas, thanks Alex, that was very helpful!!

I came to the clinic because I've been struggling with poor circulation for years and I have very tense muscles so I hoped someone could help me. I booked a full body massage and now I feel way better and relaxed. Alex's massage was the best I had in ages, really firm pressure but not painful which I though it was not possible! The aftercare he gave me was great too, he shared with me part of his daily routine that keeps the body and the mind healthy, such as having a healthy nutrition, exercise, anti stress habits, quality of sleep, posture etc and made me become curious about it and research further. He really put some extra effort trying to help me and seemed very happy to do that. Outstanding!

Excellent treatment by Alex, 10/10. Before I couldn't even lift my arm, now it's much better, I'll be coming more often. Thanks a lot.

Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >

Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online >