What’s the best thing to wear for a massage? How much clothing will you need to remove for your treatment?

What to wear for a massage


For most massage treatments you will need to undress down to your underwear.  Your therapist will leave the room or hold up a screen while you undress, and will cover your with soft, fluffy towels during the treatment.  Only the area being massaged will be exposed.  We have both male and female therapists available.

We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothes that make it easy to dress and undress.  Changing time is included in your session, so if you are wearing layers and layers of fiddly clothes it will eat into your massage time.

We also suggest that you wear comfortable underwear.  Underpants must be worn; we do not treat nude patients.

Some types of massage do not require you to undress.

Thai Yoga Massage – wear loose, stretchy clothes as you would for a yoga class.

Indian Head Massage – Your normal, everyday clothes will be fine as only your head and neck are treated.  If you choose to use coconut oil in your treatment there is a chance it will stain your top.

Thai Foot/Ayurvedic Foot Massage – You need clean feet and trousers that you can roll up to your knees.  You will need to remove your socks/tights.


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