by Jane Hickson and Achara Chavanakunakorn


During pregnancy you are more likely to suffer with RSI in the wrists and arms, lower back ache and sciatica, fluid retention, digestive disturbances, constipation, heavy/aching legs, fatigue, mood swings and some women may have worries about giving birth and about the effects on their life of having a child.

Pregnancy massage may be useful for reducing muscle aches and tension as well as helping to manage stress and anxiety.  Many people benefit from the support of a massage therapist in addition to their midwife and GP.

It is usually safe to receive massage during your second and third trimesters,but we advise you to check with your midwife if you have any complications or health concerns.  Some therapists are able to offer treatment to your upper back,neck and shoulders during the first trimester.

As Achara says “Pregnancy can be overwhelming but it is natural process and not an illness, usually pregnant women can carry on with their usual routine as long as it is appropriately adapted.”

what should you expect from a pregnancy massage at Ashlins in Walthamstow

What will happen during the treatment?

During a pregnancy massage we will usually ask you to lie on your side.  We’ll support your head, tummy, arms and legs with cushions or bolsters to help you feel comfortable and supported.    We may also ask you to sit with your back against the raised head of the couch, but only if this is comfortable for you.

Alternatively you can sit on a stool and lean over the massage couch.

You can change position at  any time during a pregnancy massage, and it’s fine to take a toilet break if necessary.

We do not offer pregnancy treatments with you laying face down.

We suggest you wear loose layers and comfortable underwear as we will ask you to undress down to your underwear.   During the treatment we will cover you with towels and only expose the area we are massaging. 

The treatment will focus on your main areas of tension.  For most people this includes the neck and shoulders, but may also include the low back, wrist and hands and feet.  In a longer appointment we can cover more areas than in a short 30 minute session.

The pressure of a pregnancy massage isn’t as deep as in a deep tissue, but deep enough to relief the tension. We would avoid strong pressure on your low back and glutes and will tailor the treatment to your needs.


How will I feel after the treatment?

After treatment you may feel light headed or sleepy.  Some people notice they pass more urine, and others experience emotional outbursts.  These are common side effects to treatment and usually clear up after a day or so.

You should also notice positive changes including feelings of reduced stress, anxiety and tension, a sense of well-being and the feeling of pampering,  feeling of being more in touch with your body, and reduced muscle stiffness and discomfort.


After your appointment we will give you some after care such as advice on stretches/exercise, nutrition, advice on classes to attend, discussion about any relevant aspect of pregnancy and birth.

We also suggest you drink plenty of fluids, avoid stimulant beverages, take it easy as you might feel light headed or disoriented or sleepy.  You may like to put your feet up or soak in epsom salt, avoid heavy lifting or bending forward too abruptly.


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