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Aromatherapy Massage, Abdominal Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Pregnancy Massage

Jane (MIFA, ATMAT) completed a professional diploma in Aromatherapy and holistic massage with the London School of Aromatherapy (LSA) in 1992/93 and has been working as a massage therapist ever since.

She is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and is an examiner for IFA accredited training schools in London.

To book an appointment, call 020 8520 5268.

Jane’s Testimonials

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I am a long term client at Ashlins- about 7 to 10 years. I have been seeing Jane for aromatherapy every few months. It helps me on many levels and I really appreciate the whole treatment.

I had an appointment with Jane to have my back and neck pain as well as water retention seen to. After the treatment I feel absolutely released from all of the pain and I can move freely again. I hope to have a good night sleep today. The service and advice were excellent.

I came to see Jane Hickson for an abdominal massage as i have food intolerance/ IBS, after my treatment my stomach felt a lot more relaxed and i felt that Jane was very thorough and honest.


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Today I saw Sylwia for an hour deep tissue massage. Initially I had a colonic and saw that Ashlins offered deep tissue massage service.

I wanted to focus on my limited neck movement and to increase mobility in my back. Also to provide myself with a little “me” time. This treatment has helped me 100% and continues to help! Sylwia provides me with the information when asked and is silent and consistently focused on my treatment.

I leave totally relaxed after the treatment, some parts of the treatment can be a challenge as I have some areas that need a lot of work but with the verbal communication between us and how she takes direction from my physical response during the treatment, I feel like I’m in professional hands and would highly recommend to others.

After my initial batch of treatments I try to see Sylwia every two to four weeks, as I have felt so many benefits in so many ways on so many levels, I feel greater flexibility in my body my back and neck discomfort has gone and my mental wellbeing and perception of my body health has improved dramatically.

I would highly recommend Sylwia, she has helped me a lot.