Have you ever tried Kinesiology? Find out more about the therapy and our Kinesiologist Isabelle in this month’s interview.

Isabelle Cooke

Name: Isabelle Cooke 

What therapies do you offer?

I offer Systematic Kinesiology, a natural healthcare system which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body; we identify imbalances & establish how to bring the body back into balance.


When and where did you train?

I began my training with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 2007, and  qualified with a Diploma in 2009.

Our training includes muscle testing, flower remedies, nutrition,  and anatomy & physiology.

As a Kinesiologist, it is really important to keep developing & expanding our knowledge base and repertoire of techniques.  I have just completed  a course called Understanding Disease from the Medical Aspect, which allows me to discuss with clients their medical diagnosis with knowledge, and get the most out of the Kinesiology sessions.

Why did you decide to become a Kinesiologist?

I had an incredible & life-changing experience with Kinesiology about 20 years ago, which allowed me to move forward in my life and make some dramatic, and very positive decisions, whilst experiencing a huge improvement in my health.

I eventually decided to train so that I too, could help other people have similar experiences: I can support clients with a wide range of conditions, through stressful times, helping them find balance, both emotionally and physically.

Describe your therapy in 10 words:

Test, Detect, Balance: Kinesiology is your journey to balanced health.

Tell us a joke:

What day do eggs fear the most? Friday (!)


Thank you Isabelle!

To book an appointment with Isabelle please call us on 020 8520 5268.

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