Systematic Kinesiology

What is Systematic Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to gain information about the client.  This information can then be used suggest lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, emotional release and more.

Muscle tests are simply the ability of a muscle to resist light pressure in certain positions.  If a muscle tests ‘spongy’ it indicates to the kinesiologist an area which needs addressing.

Kinesiologists offer a safe, personal service which is attuned to your individual needs.

The best way to understand kinesiology is to give it a try.  Why not come in for a free consultation?

This short video by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology offers an introduction to kinesiology and how it works.

Kinesiologists at Ashlins

Ed, Michelle and Isabelle are our kinesiologists.  They believe strongly in a holistic approach to health, taking into account emotional, nutritional and structural factors.

How much does it cost?

Prices for kinesiology at Ashlins start at just £55 for a full consultation.

Please view our price list  for full details.

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