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Systematic Kinesiology

Isabelle Cooke, KinesiologistIsabelle Cooke, Dip.Ask, BA (Hons), is a fully registered & insured Diplomate of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology, & trained with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.


Isabelle feels that Kinesiology has improved her overall health to such an extent, that she has been able to cope far better with the pressures and strains that modern life often challenges us with.


The practical tools gained from her Kinesiology training allow her to observe that many people are suffering from stress, burnout, digestive problems, back pain as well as other health related problems.   When such issues are not addressed, more serious health problems are at risk of developing.  Isabelle loves to help people create more balance and well-being in their daily lives, allowing them to cope with the heavy schedules that are now the norm for so many.

Isabelle’s Testimonials

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I have been seeing Isabelle for Kinesiology for a few months now and I am feeling much much better than before! After allowing things to get on top of me for most of 2016, I realised that I needed to take action before things spiralled out of control. Isabelle is a great therapist and I felt at ease with her immediately. Kinesiology is a fantastic all around therapy as it is so specific to the individual that is being tested. The human body is amazing and so intricate and I think that kinesiology is just the right therapy to work with the body and allow natural healing to take place. Through muscle testing, your particular issues (nutritional, emotional, structural etc) can be revealed and then take the appropriate action can be taken. Techniques such as ESR are very powerful and you can often get immediate relief from some symptoms right there in the session. I always walk out of my sessions feeling as light as a feather. I can highly recommend Isabelle for Kinesiology and I will definitely be returning 🙂

Isabelle is fantastic. She has looked after me so well, and helped rebalance an overly stressed body. Treatment with her is thorough and calming.


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I had Thai Yoga massage, to relax and to have a body stretch. I had it with Katrina, she is a very good therapist, she was quickly in tune with what I needed in the treatment. I feel totally relaxed, peaceful and up lifted.