We’re in the middle of coughs and colds season so we’ve dipped into our archives for lots of tips on handling viruses.


We’ve summarised the tips below.  Simply click on the links to read the full posts.


  1. How to Support your Immune System this Autumn  by Catherine Field, Nutritional Therapist
  2. Visit our Minor Ailment Clinic, Herbal Medicine with AcharaAchara is our Medical Herbalist and runs a minor ailment clinic for coughs, colds and mild allergies.
  3. Make Lemon Tea for Coughs and Colds by Achara ChavanakunakornWe all know that lemon and honey is excellent for coughs and colds. Adding fresh ginger may further help with this as ginger is known to reduce body temperature. Try this tea next time you’re feeling under the weather. Ingredients 1 Lemon 1 heaped tbsp of good quality honey (you don’t need to go buy a very expensive one, a good old organic honey will do!) 3 inches of grated ginger root or 2 tsp of dried powdered ginger (The dried ginger is scientifically proven to be a lot more potent than fresh ginger, therefore very good to reduce body temperature and to keep warm) Sauce pan 2 mugs of water Method In the saucepan boil ginger for 15 mins. Combine all of the ingredients and discard the ginger bits. Pour into a mug, sit down and sip slowly.
  4.  How to Make Onion Syrup for Cough & Cold Relief  by Achara Chavanakunakorn1 large onion (or 2 small ones) of any type 450g of brown caster sugar or honey Cleaned/sterilized jar Method: Peel and thinly slice the onion (julienne style). Put approximately 1-2 inches of sugar/honey at the bottom of the jar then top it with an equal layer of onion. Repeat the process and cover the top layer of onion with sugar/honey. Leave it to stand overnight until the sugar has all or mostly dissolved. Strain the syrup and discard undissolved sugar and onion. Label and store in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator. Dosages: Adults – 2tsp x 3/day (can be taken up to every 2 hours to help fighting infection); Infant – 1/2 tsp, Child – 1 tsp 3-6 times/day.

If you’d like personalised support for your immune system please ring 020 8520 5268 to make an appointment.  We suggest we also see your GP if you have any health concerns.