By Achara Chavanakunakorn

Our fabulous medical herbalist Achara is here with more natural health tips.  This time she’s talking about lemons, and how to use them for coughs and colds, dry skin and even cleaning your home.

Lemons for Natural Health

Lemon Juice (Citrus limonum)

Lemon juice is refreshing and cooling, it cleanses and helps the body get rid of ‘toxins’. It also helps to lower body temperature and has a cooling diuretic effect.


Lemon Coughs & Colds tea

We all know that lemon and honey is excellent for coughs and colds.  Adding fresh ginger may further help with this as ginger is known to reduce body temperature.   Try this tea next time you’re feeling under the weather.


1 Lemon
1 heaped tbsp of good quality honey (you don’t need to go buy a very expensive one, a good old organic honey will do!)
3 inches of grated ginger root or 2 tsp of dried powdered ginger (The dried ginger is scientifically proven to be a lot more potent than fresh ginger, therefore very good to reduce body temperature and to keep warm)
Sauce pan
2 mugs of water


In the saucepan boil ginger for 15 mins.
Combine all of the ingredients and discard the ginger bits.
Pour into a mug, sit down and sip slowly.



Lemon Beauty Tips

The benefits of an old boring lemon are more than just to add flavour in drinks and foods. Lemons can be used for skin care and beauty e.g as a deep cleansing and nourishing mask or skin lotion. They’re great for oily and combination skin, especially those who suffer from acne and blackheads

Easy homemade hand & skin lotion

For very dry, chapped skin/hands. It softens dry and sensitive skin

8 tsp of vegetable oil (use good quality vegetable oil such as almond oil, apricot kernel, olive oil etc.)
4 tsp of lemon juice
2 tbs of clear honey

Mix all the ingredients well. Store in a clean/sterilized jar and keep refrigerated. If you found that it is too oily, add 1-2 tsp of water.
Apply to dry skin, rubbing in thoroughly.


Lemons for Cleaning

Commonly once a lemon is used it is sadly thrown away. It can still prove to be very useful!

The leftover lemon skin/peels and little juice inside can be used to clean away grease, limescale on taps and kitchen surfaces. It is anti-bacterial whilst leaving a lovely fresh fragrance behind.

Don’t discard the peels when you’re finished. Pour hot water onto lemon peels then leave until the water cools down.

You can use the water to wash your hands, feet or face, or as a surface cleaner. Hot water will aid releasing the oil from the lemon peels. It is antiseptic, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal.


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