Stay flexible and pain free during your summer holiday with the advice from Osteopath, Sarah Oliver.

Stretches to do on flights


During the summer months I see lots of people returning from their holidays with back and neck pain.  Poor posture and lack of movement while travelling seems to play a big part in this.  Admittedly, most aeroplane seats are not particularly comfortable or supportive, but there’s still a lot you can do to take care of your spine.


Sit back in your chair with your weight on both sitting bones.  Try not to cross your legs or slouch to the side.

– Move around as much as possible.  Travelling often involves a lot of sitting around and waiting.  Before your flight, take a walk around and do some window shopping, or stand up rather than sit in departures.  During your flight, get up and walk in the aisle if possible.  You can also wiggle your toes and point your feet up and down.

Stretch!  Try the sequence of stretches shown above.  It will only take a minute or two and I promise you’ll feel much better.  Save the picture on to your phone for reference while you’re away.

If something goes wrong and you do hurt yourself, try to get a professional opinion on it as soon as you can.  Generally, a cold pack, anti-inflammatories and gentle movement will help you recover.

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