Homeopathy has faced some controversy in recent years, but what is it really about and what does it do?  Today we’re speaking to Rita and Brenda to find out more.

Therapists: Rita Smith, Brenda Mathews

Homeopathy in East London

Most Commonly Treated Conditions:  

Homeopathy can help you deal with health challenges of any kind. It can also be used as a complementary tool alongside orthodox treatments.  Homeopaths aim to work holistically as we believe that physical complaints come from an emotional cause.

We frequently assist people suffering with recurring cough and colds, digestive issues and skin conditions.
What advice can you give to someone suffering with digestive problems?:

Take time to eat mindfully, chew your food thoroughly, avoid drinking more than small glass of liquid with your food and start taking probiotics that are specific to your digestive problem e.g. constipation, bloating, post-antibiotics.

Not all probiotics are the same so invest in the best one that you can afford and that contains the correct friendly bacteria for your problem.


What training do you need to become a Homeopath?:

The Society of Homeopaths‘ website provides details of all courses in the UK which meet the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for homeopathy and where students can graduate with a professional licentiate in homeopathy. It is vital to attend a course which meets the NOS standards to get a high quality education in homeopathy.

The Centre for Homeopathic Education is the only UK provider of a homeopathy degree (plus licentiate). Studies can be taken either full-time over 3 years or part-time over 4 years. Those who are already a healthcare professional can do a post-qualifying course with the Faculty of Homeopathy.

Rita’s homeopathic training was a 4 year course at The College of Homeopathy and then registration with the Society of Homeopaths.

Brenda did a 3 year FT degree course at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine on Great Ormond Street, where she studied homeopathic philosophies and principles, materia medica (remedies), anatomy and physiology, clinical skills and casework, research methods and research proposition as well as receiving supervised clinical training.


What happens during a consultation?:

The first consultation is quite lengthy (up to 90 minutes) and involves a detailed case taking of the physical complaint and any other symptoms you are experiencing. Also what is or was going on in your life emotionally when the symptoms first started and at present, a history of physical and emotional traumas you have experienced and any past surgeries. Family medical history is also discussed and considered.

At the end of this process an homeopathic remedy is given, it may be as little as 3 small pills which once they have been taken as instructed will kick start the body into healing its self. This will carry on working  and the person will gradually experience  relief from their symptoms.

Your homeopath will ask questions which can feel very different to the approach of other medical practitioners. The homeopath is interested in the symptoms that you experience as an individual when you are feeling out of balance rather than merely a clinical catch-all diagnosis. Your personal experience will help the homeopath decide on what remedy will be most appropriate for your health issue.

Generally a follow up appointment will be shorter. It may last up to 45 minutes.

During the follow up the homeopath will assess how the remedy has helped and what course of action should be followed to build on this improvement.

The number of appointments will depend on the health issue, how long you have had it, what treatments you have taken previously for it and your general health level.

Homeopathy provides a bespoke, individualised approach to your personal set of symptoms and your experience of them. It supports people to become more aware of their experience of health and to take a greater level of responsibility for their health.

Most people find this to be an empowering and positive experience.


Try Homeopathy if…. you want to use remedies that are safe, gentle and non-toxic to improve your experience of health in a compassionate way.

Thank you, Rita and Brenda!
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