by Achara Chavanakunakorn

Oat baths are a real treat for dry or sensitive skin. They are very cheap and easy to do, and use only natural ingredients.  What’s not to love?

Indications: dried, sensitive or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema
How to make an Oat Bath for sensitive skin
Oat is used to substitute soap to clean the skin and soften the water.
You will need:
1. A square (50x50cm approx) Muslin, jelly bag or cheese cloth
2. Ribbons 60cm
3. 75g/1cup of oats
4. 2 tsp of herbs of choice e.g. lavender (for relaxation)
Cut the ribbon into 4 pieces and sew onto each corner of the square cloth.
Mix the oats and herbs together and place them in the middle of the cloth and gather the four corners to form a bag.
Tie the ribbons onto the bath tap so that water can run freely through the bag and fill the bath with oat water.
Soak in the bath.
The oats and herbs in the bag will become soft and milky, remove the bag from the tap and hold the four corners together and squeeze the oat down to the bottom of the bag and tie it firmly into a ball.
As you squeeze the bag, the oat milk will seep through the cloth. Use it like a spongy soap and rub it all over the body. Keep the bag damp and creamy while using it. Then rinse with the oat water (in the bath). Your skin will feel  smooth and silky.
Discard the oats after use and wash the bag for next time.
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