Continuing our series of Q&As, today we’re getting to know Michelle Boucher who is a Kinesiologist here at Ashlins.

Name:  Michelle Boucher


What therapies do you offer?

I am a Kinesiologist with a passion for solving puzzles. Our illnesses and discomforts often have a hidden underlying cause. Kinesiology can be very helpful in identifying the nutritional, emotional and structural needs of the whole person.


When and where did you train?

I qualified with a diploma in Systematic Kinesiology from The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (T.A.S.K), in 2002


Why did you decide to become a Kinesiologist?

 I had an encounter with Kinesiology a long time ago when I was in my teens.  I had no idea what the chiropractor at the time was doing, but my headaches went away. When I joined Ashlins Natural Health Clinic as a receptionist in 1999 I had the opportunity to have a Kinesiology treatment. This is when I realised what it was that had helped my headaches when I was 15 years old. I had always been the type of person who wanted to help others and Kinesiology was the perfect modality for me.


Describe your therapy in 10 words:

 So simple yet so powerful!


 Tell us a joke:

Why was the doctor angry?  Because he had no patients.


 Thank you Michelle!

To book an appointment with Michelle please call us on 020 8520 5268.  Read the rest of our Q&As.