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By Tim Hawes, Podiatrist

One of the biggest causes of ingrowing toe nails is ill fitting or inappropriate foot wear.

A shoe which narrows too early for your foot, or is not secure enough can put unwanted pressure on the inside of the big toe. This can cause a build-up of hard skin in the sulcus which will eventually be uncomfortable. The nail can begin to curve down and in and cause great discomfort to structures underneath.

Correct nail cutting is also vital. Regardless of the shape of your toe, you should always be able to see a thin strip of white at the end of the nail. If you can’t then it is likely that you have cut into the corner allowing the skin to grow into the gap and the nail to grow into the skin.

It is important for children to keep their shoes well fitted through their growth spurts.
They are much more active generally and more liable to toe trauma. Kicking a ball with ill-fitting shoes is probably the number one cause of ingrowing toenails!

Lastly, good nutrition is very important for the health of your nails. A well-balanced diet full of all the vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy nail plate that is less likely to curve and cause problems later.

For professional help with ingrowing toe nails, make an appointment with one of our HCPC registered Podiatrists.

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