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Achara Chavanakunakorn (Thai Massage)

Bohdan Augustyniak (Massage)

Claire Smith (Colonic Hydrotherapy)

Delene Gordon (Massage, Reflexology)

Dermott Earley (Osteopathy)

Dympna O’Brien (Massage)

Ed Housden (Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedy)

Elizabeth Salazar (Massage)

Ivan Mihov (Massage)

Jane Hickson (Massage)

Jennifer Pearson (Counselling)

Katrina Calpane (Massage)

Kibri Dei (Podiatry)

Lisa Mehlman (Nutrition, Reflexology)

Lucie Trinephi (Acupuncture)

Mabrouka Evans (Counselling)

Marilisa Suglia (Reflexology)

Michelle Boucher (Kinesiology)

Mike Sullivan (Massage)

Odette Aguirre (Acupuncture)

Paul Tibbitts (McTimoney Chiropractic)

Petra Moxley (McTimoney Chiropractic)

Petya Tancheva (Massage)

Rina Juwaheer (Massage)

Rita Smith (Homoeopathy)

Sally Lancaster (Acupuncture, Shiatsu)

Sarah Oliver (Osteopathy)

Simon Owen (Alexander Technique)

Susan Garrity (Massage)

Sylwia Lekan (Massage)

Tatina Semprini (Massage)

Tim Hawes (Podiatry)

Yasmin Majid (Beauty, Massage)


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Mon - Fri: 10am-9pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

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Although it was my first treatment I am happy with everything and I can feel positive effects. Sarah, the osteopath, is really good! I booked my next session already!


I came in to have a relaxing treatment just to unwind. I saw Rina and the treatment was very nice and very relaxing she was great.