Why pay for a massage when you could have a massage from friends or family?

Informal massages at home are a useful part of self care.  They can be very handy for relaxation and soothing tense muscles.

Why pay for a massage when you can have one at home? Click through to find out

A professional massage therapist will have studied anatomy, allowing them to understand the location and action of your muscles.  This helps them deliver precise, effective techniques to the areas that need it most.

As part of their training a massage therapist learns a variety of techniques and how to use different amounts of pressure.  They are then able to choose the most appropriate massage technique for your needs, and also modify the pressure to suit.

Therapists build up extensive body work experience meaning they  have a good understanding of how to help you feel better!  They aren’t making it up as they go along; they approach treatments with a strategy to get optimum results.

Lastly, therapists learn to be safe!  They know when it is best not to have a massage, and they learn how to apply their massage techniques in a safe and controlled way.