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What ever ache or pain I have had Achara finds a way to solve it long term with 1 or 2 sessions. She puts you totally at ease if when dealing with sore injuries! She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. I have deep tissue or sometimes Thai combination! Both are 10 out of 10!!

I went to see Tim about my foot, it had been really hurting and he sorted it, it stopped being painful immediately!
He was really lovely to deal with. I would recommend.

Came to Ashlins today for part two of my colonic detox package I started 10 days ago. After this second treatment of the detox package can see a visible difference around my tummy lost about an inch and feel much better too. Claire was very professional and makes you feel at ease during the procedure. I would highly recommend Claire and the treatment.

I have not been coming to Ashlins for a long time; I have been suffering from bloating and irregular bowel movements. I booked an appointment with Claire for Colonic hydrotherapy, and the treatment worked. It was not as in intense as I thought it would be and I felt refresh at the end of the treatment. I would recommend even as a onetime experience, don’t believe the myth. The environment was relaxed and comfortable.

Jim Aberdein was very understanding of my anxieties and quickly helped me get back to normal. I was beginning to find it hard to think clearly, and getting anxious about silly things I wouldn't normally - I recognised the signs of stress. Having experienced the healing powers of hypnotherapy in the past I didn't hang around to wait for it to get worse and made an appointment with Jim. Jim listened to all my various issues and was able to help sort through them and show me ways to calm down. Over the course of three weeks (three appointments), I was feeling so much better, back in control.. and relaxed. Thank you Jim.

I have been coming for a couple of years to Ashlins, today i saw Claire for Colonic Hydrotherapy i wanted to feel less bloated and gain a better understanding of my digestive system. Claire is really helpful and i feel that she understands my needs and the correct way to help with them. The treatment will help as i had one before a while ago and i know now i need a regular course.

I came to see Achara for Herbal Medicine, i suffer with various different mental illnesses as well as anxiety, panic attacks, and bad health. i filled out an indepth consultation form and Achara gave me 2 hours of her time going through everything in detail with me so she had a clear picture of my history and my past and current lifestyle and what i wanted to get out of the treatment and where i wanted my life to go. She mixed up a unique 'magic potion' as i call it. since taking it i have instantly felt better for the last 8 months i woke up every morning with a crippling dread inside me, since i stared taking what Achara gave me every day since i have woken up feeling happy and contented, i have started getting my life back on track and people around me have noticed positive changes, as have I! I feel so passionately about this that i want to share this with everyone, i have gone from having regular panic attacks to none since. Thank you Achara xxx