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Continuing our series of Q&As, today we’re getting to know Tim Hawes who is a Podiatrist here at Ashlins.

Name:  Tim Hawes

What therapies do you offer?

I am a Chiropodist/Podiatrist (they are the same thing) and my main interest is in the movement of the lower limb.

I believe that a great understanding of movement should be the foundation of my profession and through this understanding I can not only treat but prevent painful corns and callus, musculoskeletal problems, and even knee and back pain.

Meet the Ashlins Team, Tim Hawes, Podiatrist

When and where did you train?

I have a Diploma in Foot Health from the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead, Berkshire. This was completed in 2009 and I have working with feet ever since.  I also have a Bachelors of Science (Honours) degree in Podiatric Medicine which I gained at the University of East London.

I qualified in 2013 and gained full membership of the Health and Care Professions Council.

Tim Hawes, Podiatrist in Walthamstow

Why did you decide to become a Podiatrist?

I have always been fascinated by human movement and spent ten years as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

The human foot is the most complex musculoskeletal structure in the body and any problems will have consequences elsewhere. Similarly many problems in the body can manifest in the feet. I wanted to specialise in an area and Podiatry allowed me to continue my development as well as often providing instant relief for patients from pain.


Describe your therapy in 10 words:

Treats all manner of foot conditions. Provides good movement patterns.


Tell us a joke:

Why couldn’t the two feet get along?

Because they both thought they were right!


 Thank you Tim!

To book an appointment with Tim please call us on 020 8520 5268.  In addition to standard podiatry, Tim offers free foot checks for diabetics.

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