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Enjoy a summer full of days out, picnics, trips to the seaside and afternoons in the park without the burden of back pain.

Our Osteopathy team have shared their top 3 tips for an ache free Summer

Tip 1 – Don’t overload yourself

Osteopath Antonieta says “If you’re out for a day trip or picnic, don’t overload yourself. Share heavy items between friends and family. Carry your food and drink in a backpack rather than a tote or grocery bags. Pack heavier items in the bottom and centre of the rucksack and place lighter ones towards the outside”

Tip 2 – Think about your shoes!

Osteopath Nadia says “Your sandal and plimsols are fine for short walks but if you plan to be out all day we suggest trainers or even walking shoes. These have extra padding and shock absorption which will cushion each step and reduce strain on your back.”

Tip 3 – Pushchair Posture

If you have small kids or a baby in a pushchair, take the time to adjust the handles. Your shoulders should be relaxed. If you find your shoulders hunching up to your ears you may need to lower the handles.

Also, check that slings and baby carriers fit comfortably, East London Sling Library Sling library East London can help and advise.

For personalised help with back pain, book in to see one of our Osteopaths. Nadia and Antonieta are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ashlins.