There are lots of reasons for choosing to have a massage.  How often do I need a massage? Click through to find outSome common reasons include:



  • Stress relief

If you are feeling tense and stressed, are having trouble relaxing and struggling to get to sleep, massage can help release muscle tension and encourage a state of relaxation.


  • Stiff and achy muscles

Massage is great for releasing muscle tension.  If your shoulders and upper back are tight and aching from hours in front of the computer, massage is a good choice!


  • Pain relief

The relaxing effects of massage may help to reduce pain levels from other, non-muscular conditions.  Remember to also seek medical care for these conditions.


  • Relaxation

Perhaps you just fancy a relaxing treat!


  • Regular maintenance/self care

Many people choose to have massage on a regular basis as part of their self care programme.  Regular treatment can help regulate stress levels, maintain muscle condition and prevent aches and pains.

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