May - seasonal food


Eating seasonal fruit and veg is a great way to introduce variety to your diet, with the added benefit of the food being at their very tastiest.

Here’s what’s in season this month with some recipe ideas:



Golden Asparagus Soldiers & Boiled Eggs  (via Co-op)

Asparagus, pea, feta and mint salad (via BBC)


New Potatoes

Garlic Potatoes (BBC)

Baked New Potatoes with Sea Salt and Rosemary (Jamie Oliver)



Duck and Radish Crostini (BBC)

French Radish Sandwich (Love Radish)



Elderflower cordial (BBC)

Elderflower and Vanilla Panna Cotta (River Cottage)



Gooseberry Jam (BBC)

Mackerel with Gooseberry and Mint Salsa (River Cottage)


Spring Onion

Fool-proof Green Salad (BBC)

Spring Onion Galette (River Cottage)


Which one will your try first?