Does standing up make your back ache?  Do you dread being on your feet at Summer BBQs and sporting events?

Stop back pain interrupting your fun with our helpful tips.
 – Move as much as possible. Back ache often comes on after standing still or walking slowly.  An easy way around this is just to move more – so instead of standing still, go for a walk.  If you’ve been walking slowly, try having a short break before setting off at a faster pace.
– Put your bag down. Heavy bags are no good to anyone, especially if they are designed to be held on one shoulder or arm.  If you really need to carry around many items, use a backpack.  Keep the contents of your bag to a minimum – books and big bottles of water add up very quickly.  Take your bag off and put it down whenever you can in order to give your back and shoulders a break.
– Choose comfortable, supportive shoes.  Unfortunately high heels are notoriously bad for back pain.  Choose a low heeled or flat shoe, and preferably one with some padding and arch support in the sole.
– Stretch.   

A simple knee hug is great for relieving tension in the low back.
Simply lay down, bend both knees up towards your chest, wrap your arms around your legs and hold in that position for 10 seconds.   Relax your legs down and repeat twice.
There are lots of different stretches aimed at different areas of the body – for a bespoke plan come and see one of our therapists.