It’s a common misconception that massage is painful, or should be painful in order to be effective.


The truth is that massage may be a little uncomfortable at times but it shouldn’t be painful.

Are massages painful?


It is normal to experience some soreness during a treatment, particularly if your muscles are very tense.  This often feels quite pleasant or useful despite the soreness.  Sometimes we describe this as ‘positive pain’.


A massage should not be unbearably painful.  With some deep breathing you should be able to relax your muscles and enjoy the treatment.  If you feel your treatment is too intense and painful, let your therapist know and they will adapt their techniques to suit you.

We offer a range of massage therapies at Ashlins.  Some are designed to be more intense than others.  For example a deep tissue massage uses quite strong pressure but Lomi Lomi massage favours gentler long strokes.


Some people respond best to deep pressure and others respond best to lighter techniques.  It really comes down to personal preference and also varies according to the nature of the problem.  All of our massage therapists are thoroughly trained and are able to adapt a treatment to suit your needs.

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