Choosing a massage therapist can be tricky.  There are lots of therapists to choose from, so how do you know who to trust and who will be able to help?  Try asking these questions when you book a massage.

5 questions for massage therapists

Where and when did you train?

Most massage therapists will have a diploma in Holistic Massage, with many also completing further training in other techniques.  They are likely to have an ITEC or BTEC diploma and maybe registered with a body such as FHT, MTI, CThA or CNHC.


What oil or cream do you use and why?

Check what type of cream or oil your therapist likes to use.  Make sure you are not allergic to it or any of its ingredients.  The oil may have special properties which could help your symptoms.


What sort of techniques will you use to help with my problem?

Your therapist should ask what you hope to gain from your treatment and if there are any particular areas of tension.  They should be able to explain which techniques they think will be helpful and which areas of your body they will work on.


How many treatments do you recommend for me?

It’s impossible to say for certain how many treatments you will need; everyone responds and heals in their own time.  However your therapist should be able to recommend a number of sessions for you.


What should I do after my treatment?

Ask your therapist how you should expect to feel after treatment and if you should do anything special such as stretch, drink more water, use a hot or cold pack.