What is Posturology?

Global Postural Recalibration, more commonly known as Posturology, is a holistic therapy based on the study of the tonic postural system.

In order for the body to perform movement, the postural system has different sensors. These sensors are:

  • the feet
  • the eyes
  • the jaw
  • the inner ear

These sensors are designed to take information about our environment and send it to the brain. The brain in turn sends signals to the muscles that enable us to do the daily work of standing, sitting and moving with minimal energy expenditure and muscle strain.

When these sensors work properly we speak of GOOD POSTURE: the correct positioning of the head, shoulders, hips and feet.

When we have a problem with these sensors we speak of BAD POSTURE and we start to have postural imbalances and as result we have PAIN.


Why Use Posturology?

Postural imbalances are a major factor in many cases of muscular pain and tightness, muscle and joint injuries, and even digestive complaints. In fact, most people have some sort of postural imbalance, and therefore sub-optimal body function.


Optimise the input – improve your posture!

Posturology improves your posture by recalibrating the “out of tune” receptors in your body. When your receptors begin to get “back in tune” with each other, your body’s shifts, tilts and rotations move toward proper alignment.


How Postural Reprograming Works

On foot receptors:

A thin postural orthotic (or Neurostab insole) stimulates the nerves in the skin with magnets at the central reflex zone of each foot; in order to reprogramme the information flows from feet to brain.

On eye receptors:

In order to address oculomotor asymmetry, a small magnet is applied near the corner of the weaker eye and the patient is advised on appropriate eye exercises.

On jaw receptors:

A brief evaluation of the jaw is done to observe the mechanics of the jaw as well as the presence of metals (e.g. fillings) that could create a neuromuscular and vascular interference. If problems are identified, the patient would be referred to a cranial osteopath of postural orthodontist.

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Therapists at Ashlins

Kibri is our Posturologist.

All of our therapists are:

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How much does it cost?

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I came in to see Kibri about the weakening of both feet as well as my posture, I found the treatment great and the information she gave me very useful.

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