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Lomi Lomi massage, also known as Hawaiian Sharman massage, Ka Huana massage and Aloha massage is a Hawaiian massage, traditionally performed by Hawaiian Healers (Ka Hunas) aiming to create flow and harmony to a person’s wellbeing.

It was handed down by word of mouth through the female line in the family hence there are many variations of techniques.

Lomi Lomi techniques mimics the waves and the flow of the ocean. Lomi Lomi is gentle and deeply relaxing massage aiming to promote inner wellbeing.

Modern Lomi Lomi massage may incorporate techniques from other massage techniques.  Whilst still very pleasant, it is different from authentic Lomi Lomi.

During the massage the client’s body is mostly uncovered.  The therapist may use a small towel, sheet or sarong to cover the client’s private areas. The techniques include dance-like, long flowing strokes often use palm or forearms and generous amounts of oil. The therapist may incorporate chanting or other rituals, depending on individual practice.

Lomi Lomi massage offers similar benefits as the other types of massage do e.g. relaxing muscles, encourage blood circulation and releasing blocked energy.

The differences lie in the traditions and practice of the Hawaiian practitioners, this includes the belief that ‘loving hands’ not only relieve physical tension but also emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.

What should I expect during my treatment?

Your appointment time includes a consultation with your therapist where they will discuss your health and the proposed treatment.  They may also spend some time on examination.  

Your appointment also includes time for dressing and undressing so we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and shoes which are easy to remove.  After your treatment, your therapist will provide some aftercare advice.


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Lomi Lomi Massage starts from £35 for 30mins.

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Our Lomi Lomi Massage team

Achara is our Massage Therapist.

All of our therapists are:

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Achara Chavanakunakorn

Achara Chavanakunakorn

Massage Therapist and Herbalist

Achara grew up with a deep interest in holistic practices and therapies. She believes that the human body has the ability to self-heal if we let that process occur and support the body with natural methods. Modern lifestyles have a big impact on our health especially stress, these can be managed with the right treatments, exercise, lifestyle and diet.

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