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Gua Sha (scraping device) and acupressure therapy have been traditionally used in TCM for thousands of years. Ancient art of healing in TCM believes that to be in good health the vital life force (QI) must be in balance, similarly to homeostasis. When there’s a blockage of QI (or stagnation) this will manifest in the imbalance of a person’s overall health (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental).

Imbalanced QI can be displayed on a person’s skin or face, such as changes in texture, colour, complexion, impurity, puffiness , inflammation/breakouts, redness, pain and stiffness.

Gua Sha or scraping tools are used on the skin and tissue to stimulate them. When this is applied on the face, it will improve the appearance of the skin by increasing tone, elasticity, reduce fine line and inflammation.

Additionally, it is believed that Jade has healing properties such as cooling, protection, TMC, suggested that Gua Sha and Jade’s cooling effect will help decrease puffiness of the skin on the face and help with lymphatic drainage as well as reduce headache, sinus pain and relieve muscle tension in the face.

It is believed to be a natural ‘Botox’ as not only just on the skin surface by giving a younger looking skin but it will promote youth and balance from within


  • balance QI
  • drain excess fluids and toxins from tissues, reduce puffiness and swelling
  • rejuvenate skin
  • relaxes muscle
  • may stimulate collagen production
  • increase blood circulation


Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268 or Book Online »

Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268.

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Achara is our Gua Sha therapist.

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I have been doing Kinesiology with Ed Housden for over 15 years, he is a master and goes beyond to help you out. He has sorted my health so many times, it's just incredible what a vitamin can do, give you the extra support you need and keep the drugs (chemist) away.
What he does its a kind of magic, but for me works miracles!!!!

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