We love essential oils here at Ashlins.  They’re such an easy and effective way to scent a room and alter your mood.

Essential oils can be particularly useful for relaxation.

Relaxing essential oils

Here are some of our favourite relaxing oils for you to try at home:


Chamomile Maroc – Said to be soothng for mind and body.  Blends well with Lavender, clary sage, cedarwood.


Vetivert – May help dispel anger and aid insomnia.


Benzoin – May have a calming effect on the nervous system.


Tangerine  – Known as a stress reliever.


Ginger  – Has a calming effect on the mind.


Rose Geranium  –  Used as a stress reliever.


Sandalwood amyris – Used to ease anxiety and tension.


Lavender – The most famous relaxing essential oil.  Often used to aid sleep.


We stock a variety of essential oils at Ashlins.  Pop in to 181 Hoe Street to buy yours.