To keep you as safe as possible we are using extra hygiene measures. This means your appointment may look a little different to usual.

What to Expect

Making an Appointment & Payment

We will put you in contact with your therapist, and they will book your appointment. They will ask you to pay by bank transfer or similar. Please avoid paying cash if possible.

Pre-Appointment Screening

Your therapist will contact you the day before your appointment to check if you have been in contact with a case of covid-19 or are experiencing any symptoms. If you have developed symptoms or been in contact with a case, they will reschedule your appointment.

Please do NOT attend the clinic if you have:

  • symptoms of covid-19
  • a positive test result for covid-19
  • close contact with a case of covid-19

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Your therapist is likely to wear PPE such as a mask and apron. They may also ask you to wear a mask, you can bring your own or they will provide one.

Arriving for your Appointment

Please wait outside the clinic and not in the waiting room. Your therapist will open the door in time for your appointment. Please attend alone. If you need a chaperone let your therapist know before the appointment.

Travel light and bring the minimum possible with you. Leave your extra layers, bags etc at home!

Wash your hands with hand sanitiser when you enter the building.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Your therapist will be cleaning and airing the room between every appointment. All soft furnishings and linens have been removed. All equipment is now wipe clean or disposable.

You can review our covid-19 risk assessment here: