How to buy an office chair
Blog| Published On: 3 October, 2021
back care, office chair

Your chair is probably the most important piece of office furniture. It doesn’t need to be super expensive but it’s worth choosing carefully.

Here are our tips for chair shopping:

1. Check refurbed office chairs.

A simple google search will give you lots of options here. A second hand, professionally refurbished chair will be much cheaper than buying brand new, and probably much better quality than a high street retailer’s offerings.

2. Make sure it is height adjustable.

You should be able to adjust your chair so your elbows are level with the top of your desk.

3. Arms.

This is down to personal preference but a lot of people enjoy having arms on their chair. Make sure the arms are also adjustable so you can slide the chair under your desk.

4. Back rest.

Some lumbar support is useful. This can either be mesh or padding. Most people will want the back rest to reach their upper back/shoulders. If you’re only sitting for short periods, a lower back rest would be OK. Some people also like a head rest but this is not essential.

5. Seat pan.

This is the bit you actually sit on. It should have decent quality padding so you don’t get a sore bum. Check the depth of the seat pan; you should be able to place your low back against the back rest and have your knees comfortably bent. If the chair is too deep it may press into the back of your knees and interfere with circulation to your legs.

Remember – A good chair is helpful but MOVEMENT is the key to comfortable office work. The most expensive chair in the world won’t prevent back ache if you sit in it for hours without moving. Take those movement snacks!


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