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Mike Sullivan

Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga Massage

Mike (MCThA, ITEC) trained as a massage therapist with Quantum Metta here in London.   He has also completed several Deep Tissue CPD massage courses and trained in Thai Yoga Massage at the WatPo Thai Traditional Medical School of massage in May 2014.

As a long term client of Ashlins, he believes in the healing power of touch as an effective way to ease stress in London’s highly competitive environment. He is focused on tailoring each treatment to each client’s needs on the day.  He believes ‘clients know best’ regarding the ideal massage pressure to achieve the best results during each session and encourages clients who want to stay in control of their treatment to be forthcoming & communicate ‘too hard’ or ‘too soft’

Mike is available at Ashlins on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri till 9p.m. and Saturday and Sunday till 5p.m

To book an appointment, call 020 8520 5268.


Mike’s Testimonials

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I had a massage with Mike today to help with my back and neck which were feeling tight. I feel much better now; less tension and much more relaxed. Mike is very friendly and I would recommend him to others.

I had a deep tissue massage with Mike today to help with my tight legs and back. I feel much better now. I feel more flexible in my legs and my back feels much better. Mike is very good and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I had a deep tissue massage with Mike, it was amazing, I feel so much better now. He got rid of so much tension and muscle pain. I was downright floating afterwards.

I booked a massage with Mike today as I was having headaches and discomfort due to tension in my shoulders and neck. After the treatment I feel 100% better; relaxed, looser, taller and much brighter in mood. Mike was great, he tailored the massage to exactly what I needed.

I had a Thai Yoga Massage with Mike Sullivan. It was really great, I feel very relaxed. The pains I had are much less and I feel on the road to recovery. Mike is a very 'present', conscious therapist, he made me feel relaxed so I could benefit from the treatment.

I was suffering from sciatica and Mike helped me to ease the pain. I will come back again very soon. That was my first visit in the clinic. Very friendly people around.

I had back and I have a disc problem too. Did the treatment help? Yes indeed! it made the pain go away. Mike is a wonderful, professional and friendly therapist. I'm coming back for sure, I really appreciate the help.

Today I had deep tissue massage with Mike.Stressed... Now, definitely relaxed!

Twice now I have limped into Ashlins in great pain and with reduced mobility (once lower back second time hamstring problems) both times Petra the chiropractor, has helped me to walk out and reduce my pain over a few treatments to zero giving me back full mobility. She has never given more treatments than was necessary - an integrity I really appreciate. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone suffering from pain and reduced mobility.
The last time she advised me to complete treatment with a deep massage from Mike - who has continued to give me my mobility. When I took this problem to the doctor he measured me for a walking stick!! I am pain free and walk without a stick.
Deep thanks to Petra and Mike.

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