We do not currently offer EFT at Ashlins.  You may wish to consider Human Givens instead.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping)

EFT is also known as tapping.  It utilises acupuncture meridians to influence your emotional state, with the aim of clearing emotional blocks and imbalances.

Balancing is done by tapping lightly on acupuncture points while repeating short statements.  The theory is this connects your subconscious mind to the subject or emotion.  This enables your subconscious to reprogram itself so the subject no longer causes distress and negative emotion.

EFT can be learned by anyone and used at home.  It has no physical side effects and does not require any equipment, medication, manual therapy or needles.  There is no need to undress for this treatment, simply wear comfortable clothes.



Book your appointment by phoning 020 8520 5268.
Therapists at Ashlins

Katrina is our Advanced EFT practitioner.

All of our therapists are:

  • suitably trained,
  • fully qualified,
  • fully insured,
  • members of a relevant professional body.

Book an appointment by calling 020 8520 5268.

How much does it cost?

EFT costs £58 for one hour and £78 for 90 minutes.

Free 15 minute consultations available.

View our price list for full details and phone 020 8520 5268 to book an appointment.


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