Massages make amazing gifts.  We believe pretty much everyone could enjoy a massage treatment here at Ashlins. 

Here are 10 reasons massage vouchers make the perfect gift.

  1. The recipient can choose their favourite type of massage from our range.
  2. Take the opportunity to relax after stress of Christmas period and the new year.
  3. Does your loved one work at a desk? Massage can reduce work related muscle tension in your neck, shoulders and arms.
  4. Struggling to shake off an injury? Sports massage may help.
  5. If they suffer with achy feet maybe ayurvedic foot massage or thai foot massage will help.
  6. For sufferers of tension in the head and neck try Indian Head Massage.
  7. Massages are the perfect treat for busy people as they get an hour of peace and quiet and a nice lie down in a cosy room.
  8. Combine the benefits of aromatherapy with massage with an aromatherapy massage.
  9. Warm up and relax with hot stone massage.
  10. Everyone loves a massage.  Giving a massage voucher guarantees a happy recipient.

Buy your gift vouchers from us at Ashlins Natural Health, 181 Hoe Street, E17 3AP.