Thai Combination Massage

Thai Combination Massage is a form of Traditional Thai Massage.  It combines Thai Yoga Massage stretches with medium pressure massage strokes.   Oil, talcum powder, herbal balm or tiger balm may be used during the massage.

As a qualified Herbalist, Achara is able to offer therapeutic oils specific to your needs as part of this treatment.

Therapists at Ashlins

Achara offers Thai Combination Massage.


How much does it cost?

A 90 minute Thai Combination Massage costs £70 plus the cost of therapeutic oils (£5-10).  Please check our price list for full details.

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Today I booked an appointment with Boghan for deep tissue massage the treatment today was for my fibromyalgia and chronic muscle stiffness. I came with my son in law who is a regular client at your facility. The treatment was excellent and at the end of the session the pain was completely gone my muscles will relaxed this is the best therapy session I've ever had. Bohdan is an excellent therapist. He is very skilled and knows exactly how to treat each muscle. very happy with service.