Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Facial Rejuvenation massage aims to reduce facial lines by increasing blood circulation to the face through the various steps of massage that are carried out on your face and neck. The treatment does not involve the use of any products or chemicals – it is simply massage to the face.

Treatment starts with stimulating pressure points on the face. It then proceeds with various massage techniques, gently plumping the skin and revitalising the complexion.


How much does it cost?

Prices for Facial Rejuvenation Massage at Ashlins start at just £48. Please see our price list for full details.

Therapists at Ashlins

Facial Rejuvenation massage is available with our talented therapist Rina.

To book an appointment, call 020 8520 5268 today!

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Two years after a bereavement I found that I was getting constant headaches and feeling light-headed all the time. After a wonderful massage with Katrina, she suggested that Kinesiology may help to release some of the trapped emotion and tensions I was feeling. I saw Ed, and within a week the headaches had reduced dramatically, and I was feeling much more clear-headed and focussed.

Note - please pass to Ed, as I know he has someone with similar circumstances who may benefit from Kinesiology. I could write something more detailed if appropriate?