Aromatherapy  Massage

Aromatherapy uses natural plant essences to facilitate health and well-being.


Your therapist will listen carefully to your problem before selecting a bespoke blend of oils to suit your needs.  This blend is then gently massaged in to the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Aromatherapy can also be applied via inhalations, in a warm bath or diffused in to a room.


Aromatherapists at Ashlins

Dympna, Delene, ElizabethJane, KatrinaKay and Rina are our Aromatherapists.

How much does it cost?

Aromatherapy starts at £50 for a 60 minute session.  For full details, please see our price list.

To book an appointment, call 020 8520 5268 today.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am-9pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

020 8520 5268

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I had a few ear candling sessions with Rina last year and she completely sorted out my blocked ears that the doctor recommended to get irrigated, which I didn't really want to do as I find the idea of it quite scary and invasive. I went back to the doctor afterwards and the blockage/earwax was completely gone 🙂 Very happy! And it's so relaxing too.