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Win a Massage When you Buy a Christmas Gift Voucher

Ashlin’s Christmas gift vouchers are now for sale and make an ideal present for friends and family.

The gift vouchers can be used on any of our therapies so why not treat your loved ones to:

a relaxing massage to soothe the stresses of cooking Christmas dinner.
nutritional therapy to help them improve their diet after an indulgent holiday season.
osteopathy or chiropractic to loosen stiff necks and backs.
acupuncture to help reduce pain and give their wellbeing a boost.
colonic hydrotherapy to refresh their digestion after enjoying rich Christmas foods.

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New Therapy – Lomi Lomi Massage plus Save £10

Achara has added a new string to her bow and is now offering Lomi Lomi Massage. Lomi Lomi is the traditional massage of Hawaii.  It uses soft, rhythmic strokes to soothe and relax muscle.  Despite using a softer touch than some types of massage, it is a very...

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